Which Trailer Should You Buy? Steel Or Aluminum?

Steel Or Aluminum? TrailerThere are two materials that trailers are commonly made from steel and aluminum. While wood, plastic and other metals may be used for specific features, these two metals are the main options for the frame and overall construction of your trailer. So, which one is better? Which type of trailer should you buy? Steel or aluminum?

Reasons To Choose a Steel Trailer

Steel has traditionally been the go-to material choice for trailer construction. It is a tough metal that can handle the heavy loads that users may plan on loading into their trailers. These are a few of the reasons to choose a steel trailer:
  • More Rugged: Steel is less elastic than aluminum. Typically, steel trailers offer much greater rigidity and durability than their aluminum counterparts. Thus, if you expect to beat up your trailer with your cargo, it may be a good idea to opt for steel.
  • Less Expensive: In most cases, equivalent steel trailers will cost less than their aluminum counterparts. If you want to reduce the initial cost to get started with your trailer, a steel trailer may be the best option.
  • Better Load Capacity by Area: For a similarly sized deck area, steel trailers can usually handle heavier loads. Thus, you may be more inclined to buy a steel trailer if you expect to be loading very dense cargo.

Reasons To Choose an Aluminum Trailer

Aluminum is another excellent choice for your trailer. It is known for being very strong while also being very light. This favourable ratio has helped to make it a popular choice among trailer users. These are some of the benefits of aluminum trailers:
  • Lighter: Aluminum trailers can handle greater loads per pound of material. This is significant because towing vehicles have maximum loads that they can handle. If your trailer is heavy, your payload needs to be lighter to ensure that the overall weight is still within your limit.
  • Rust- and Corrosion-Resistant: Aluminum is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. You can use an aluminum trailer all year with minimal worry about whether it will start to get rusty.
  • Less Maintenance: Typically, aluminum trailers require substantially less maintenance. Although they are more expensive at first, the overall cost of ownership is comparable to that of steel trailers due to the reduced maintenance needs.

Which Is Better?

So, which material is the better option? The reality is that there is not one single answer for this. You will need to consider the towing vehicle, your budget, your use case and more to determine which is right for you. If you live in an area with long, cold winters, aluminum may be the better choice. If you primarily haul heavy loads in the summer, steel may be the better choice. What matters is finding the right trailer type for you.

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