The Importance of Investing in Quality Trailer Parts

The Importance of Investing in Quality Trailer Parts

For those who operate and rely on trailers, such as business owners, farmers, and landscapers, the quality of the trailer parts and accessories should never be compromised. Investing in high-quality parts and accessories is not only a testament to ensuring top-tier performance, but also prioritizes safety.

This article provides more insight into the importance of part quality emphasizing its significant impact on the long-term efficiency and reliability of your trailer.

When it comes to your trailers, every component matters. Simply opting for the cheaper alternatives may seem enticing in the short term, but this decision could lead to increased costs and risks in the future.

To ensure the optimal health and durability of your trailer, investing in superior-quality parts is the right way to go. Keep reading to learn how McFarlane Trailer Sales and Service excels in providing top-notch parts and dependable service for your trailer, elevating your experience.

Investing in Quality Trailer Parts: Ensuring Longevity and Safety

Investing in quality trailer parts is undeniably a hedge against future troubles, a guarantee of safety, and a testament to efficient functionality. It is such components, designed meticulously, manufactured precisely, and tested rigorously, that promise the longevity of trailers, assuring an output worth the investment.

Reasons to Ensure Quality

The main reason to ensure that the trailer parts used are of top-notch quality cuts across performance and safety. Trailers are subject to complex and often heavy-duty operations. As a result, poorly made, subpar parts can cause premature mechanical failures, leading not only to constantly recurring repair bills but also to potential risk and danger during operations.

Such disruptions can repeatedly halt projects, significantly impacting efficiency and productivity. Thus, quality trailer parts are not mere choices, but rather essential business investments to ensure smooth functioning, minimize future costs, and prioritize safety.

Identifying Quality Parts

Understanding the trailer parts' quality primarily springs from knowledge about the materials used, the manufacturing process, the functionality of the parts, and their certification and warranties. Solid, robust materials, precision in design, residue-free manufacturing, and robust testing methodologies point towards top-tier quality.

Accompanying this should be the part's operational efficiency, negligible friction, and smooth performance, validated by recognized certifications and warranties. Evaluating customer reviews, too, can paint a true picture of the part's quality.

Trailer Parts to Prioritize

Ensuring safety with quality parts calls for one to prioritize key trailer components such as trailer hitches, brakes, tires, axles, and lights.

  • The hitch plays a pivotal role in maintaining the connection between the tow vehicle and the trailer; consequently, a quality hitch can significantly enhance the trailer's stability.
  • Top-grade brakes and tires ensure controlled movement and halting of the trailer, playing a critical role in preventing accidents.
  • Quality axles bear the weight of the loaded trailer, dictating its carrying capacities, while lights provide visual cues, contributing fundamentally to road safety.

Enhance Your Trailer's Lifespan with Quality Parts and Accessories

Using high-quality parts and accessories is crucial for extending the lifespan and reliability of a trailer. On the other hand, trailers with low-grade components are more prone to quick deterioration, leading to frequent repairs and replacements. Investing in quality components not only saves money on maintenance but also significantly prolongs the trailer's economic life.

Reduced Maintenance and Repair

Quality equipment trailer parts are typically crafted from superior materials, ensuring durability and resistance to harsh environments. These parts are less prone to breakage, reducing the frequency of maintenance and repair, which in turn translates into considerable cost savings. The initial cost of quality parts can sometimes be prohibitive; however, it is essential to examine this as a strategic investment, not merely a purchase.

Safety Improvements

Quality accessories also significantly enhance the trailer's safety attributes. For instance, quality braking systems ensure reliable stopping power, reducing risks of accidents. In addition, suspension systems, lighting, and mirrors of superior quality contribute to improved visibility and stability, facilitating safer use of the equipment. Thus, the inclusion of quality parts increases not only the lifespan of the trailer but also provides a safer environment for its users.

Preservation of Resale Value

Quality parts and accessories help retain the trailer's resale value.

Buyers are likely to pay premium prices for used trailers with quality components, recognizing their long-term reliability and reduced likelihood of requiring costly repairs.

Investing in quality parts for your trailer is crucial for preserving its resale value and reaping financial benefits when you decide to upgrade or sell. The longevity of trailers greatly depends on the quality of parts and accessories used during repairs and maintenance. Although the upfront costs may be higher, choosing quality parts will result in significant returns over the trailer's lifespan. It's a smart investment that pays off big time.

Trust McFarlane Trailer Sales for High-Quality Parts

McFarlane Trailer Sales offers a wide variety of crucial trailer parts such as wheel bearing kits, hitches, axles, and more. The selection includes both the essential components needed for a trailer's basic function and accessories that improve user convenience and trailer maintenance. We are committed to providing top-quality parts that meet or exceed standards. This ensures the parts are durable and enhances operational efficiency and trailer safety.

  • Wheel bearing kits: are critically important components for a trailer’s mobility mechanism. Designed strategically and intricately, these kits fulfill the specific purpose of bearing substantial weights and ensuring the trailer's performance remains smooth and consistent even during elongated and strenuous driving.
  • Hitches: Tailored with a range of towing capacities and styles to fit different vehicles, ensuring robust and secure connections.
  • Axles: Available in different sizes and configurations, they provide the necessary support to the trailer's body and enhance its maneuverability.

In the end, it is important to keep in mind that quality components could be the difference between a reliable trailer and a trailer that should be avoided. Investing in these parts from trusted sellers like McFarlane Trailer Sales can help minimize the need for costly repairs in the future and help ensure your trailer keeps functioning optimally.

If you are new to purchasing trailer parts, take your time when reviewing your options and don’t hesitate to reach out for some assistance. Not only can this help make sure you get exactly what you need but also guarantees peace of mind that your trailer is safe and secure. So, whether you plan on investing in simple or complex parts, do not forget to invest wisely so as to maximize the performance of your vehicle for years to come!

Camping Season is Here! Did You Know McFarlanes Offers RV Trailer Accessories?

Camping Season is Here! Did You Know McFarlanes Offers RV Trailer Accessories?

4 Must-Have RV Trailer Parts and Accessories Available From McFarlane's

While it is possible to camp at any time of year, most people find it more enjoyable when the weather is warm. Therefore, summer is considered the camping season, and spring is a perfect time to prepare by buying RV trailer parts and accessories and by having trailer maintenance. McFarlane's can help you with both because, in addition to providing trailer service and repair, we also sell the accessories and parts that you need, including the following essentials.

1. Surge Protector

A sudden surge in electricity could damage the entire electrical system in your RV. Every device in your camper that uses electricity could be affected. A power surge usually lasts a matter of seconds, but it could be powerful enough to render your entire RV unusable. Not only could this deprive you of priceless travel experiences, but it could also cost you quite a bit of money. RVs are not inexpensive, and the more advanced they are, the more pricey they can be.

Power surges in campgrounds can occur due to brownouts (brief power outages) or electrical storms. They can also occur if the pedestal is wired incorrectly. This can happen if the campground owner did his or her own wiring or allowed a guest to do so in exchange for a free stay. These are not best practices, but they can happen.

Improper wiring can also cause the metal frame of the RV to become electrified, a condition known as "hot skin." Coming into contact with the hot skin of an electrified RV can cause anything from a light-tingling sensation to a deadly electric shock. You can safeguard your investment, and possibly your life, with a surge protector for your RV.

2. Water Hoses

You actually need three water hoses for your RV: One to bring fresh water into the camper, one to carry away drainage from the sinks and shower, and one to act as a sewer line for the toilet. Choosing hoses in different colours helps you to tell them apart. You can choose any colours you want, but make sure to keep track of which colour matches which function.

You need to make sure that your fresh water hose is sufficiently long to reach the spigot. A length of 25 feet is usually sufficient, but you may want to carry an extra length of 25-foot hose in the colour you have chosen to represent fresh water for the few situations in which 25 feet is not long enough.

3. Levelers

It is difficult to make campsites perfectly level, and most campground owners don't bother. However, if your camper is on an incline, not only can it be uncomfortable, but it could cause damage to your RV's fridge. Most campers have absorption refrigerators, and parking on an incline can damage these over time. A leveller can even out your trailer, protecting your fridge and helping to keep you more comfortable.

4. Water Pressure Regulator

Nothing is more potentially damaging to your RV than water. If you hook up to a water spigot with pressure that is too high, it could flood your RV. As with a power surge, a flood could render your RV a total loss. You can prevent this with a water pressure regulator. High-quality regulators allow you to set the desired pressure so that it will never be more than your lines can handle.

McFarlane Trailer Sales and Service Also Offers RV Trailer Parts and Accessories

We are an Ontario trailer dealer that sells parts and accessories both online and in person. Don't give up if you can't find what you are looking for on our website. You can come in with the brand name of the part you need or a picture, and we can track it down for you.

How McFarlane’s Trailer Can Help You Find the Right LED Light Bar

How McFarlane's Trailer Can Help You Find the Right LED Light BarIf you use your trailer at night or in inclement weather, you may encounter issues with low visibility. Fortunately, the right trailer parts and accessories can solve this problem. LED light bars offer excellent illumination and come in a variety of styles, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your utility trailer.

LED Light Bars Offer a Variety of Benefits

Light bars contain several LED lights, creating illumination over a wide area. LEDs are a specific type of lightbulb lauded for their durability and minimal heat generation. Since they don't produce as much heat as other options, they're excellent for work sites where individuals are already sweating and uncomfortable. Minimal heat also reduces fire risk, as you don't have to worry about flammable materials reaching ignition temperature.LEDs also have a long lifetime and high energy efficiency. That means you don't have to change them as often, saving you money and time. Additionally, their low power requirements mean you can add several to your trailer without overwhelming your truck's electrical system. You can even hook them up yourself since they're easy to install.Finally, you can find LED light bars in a variety of colours, including bulbs that shift hues. This access ensures you find an accessory that suits your purposes.

Importance of Light During Construction

Proper illumination is a safety issue in construction sites, as workers handle dangerous equipment. Without bright lights, individuals may accidentally hurt themselves or make a mistake. The former can lead to medical bills and even long-term health problems depending on the injury. The latter can make the contractor vulnerable to lawsuits if the mistake isn't caught and causes issues in the future.Lighting is also essential in areas with heavy foot traffic, especially unpaved spaces or places with lots of debris. Uneven footing may cause tripping, which can be especially dangerous around heavy machinery or when carrying materials. There's also the risk of vehicle and heavy machinery operators not seeing workers in their way, potentially causing life-changing accidents. Setting up adequate lighting in a designated transport zone ensures both operators and those on foot can prioritize safety.Finally, construction works can use strobing and coloured lights to signal hazards. Red flashing lights are a universal signal for danger, alerting workers well before seeing posted signs.

McFarlane Trailer Sales Provides a Wide Brand Selection

If you don't know where to start searching for utility trailer lights, Mcfarlane Trailer Sales can help with our wide selection. Access to a range of brands gives you a better idea of what's available and saves you the trouble of searching multiple websites for just the right model.For example, Rampage Products produces tailgate light bars. If you do a lot of night driving, this is the perfect way to ensure visibility on the highway.Jammy offers scene lights to illuminate large, open spaces. You can even get an angled bar to improve targeting.Uni-Bond provides a variety of LED bars, including one shaped like double-sided arrows. Specific models have pre-programmed flash patterns, allowing you to signal according to the situation.If you need spotlights as well as bars, Go Rhino has you covered. The spotlights come in 2-foot by 3-foot or 3-foot-square models, while bars are available in 6-inch, 10-inch and 20-inch options.When you're ready to buy, don't search "LED lights near me." Instead, check out the stock at McFarlane Trailer Sales. We only carry the highest quality brands, ensuring you can make your purchase with confidence. Additionally, we offer a variety of other accessories so you can fully customize your utility trailer. For more information, give us a call or visit us online.

Looking for a Bike Rack? McFarlane’s Has a Variety to Choose From

Looking for a Bike Rack? McFarlane's Has a Variety to Choose FromBike Riding is popular across Canada. If you like to take your bikes to new locations to enjoy new scenery or to exercise in a new spot, you might be looking for bike racks. McFarlane’s is known for trailer parts and accessories, but we have a large selection of bike racks to install on your vehicle. Here are a few things to know about choosing the right bike rack for your needs. If you still have questions, ask our experts for more details and specifics.

Roof Racks 

Roof racks come in different styles. You can find roof racks that are mounted on the roof of your vehicle permanently or you can choose a rack with suction cups that can be removed when you aren’t transporting bikes. Your bikes ride on the top of your car, which means they won’t be damaged if you are rear-ended. However, many people forget that the bikes are on top of the vehicle and try to drive into the garage with the bikes. Learning how to put a bike on a roof rack can be cumbersome, especially if you are short and the vehicle’s roof is high or if your bike is very heavy. Your vehicle may lose fuel efficiency, too. Bikes on the roof of your ride aren’t aerodynamic.

Hitch Racks 

A hitch rack is probably the most convenient method of transporting bikes, but you have to have a hitch for installation. Newer hitch racks usually fold up when not in use, so you don’t have to worry about the hitch getting damaged when you aren’t hauling bikes. The bikes won’t impact your fuel efficiency as much as being hauled on a roof rack. There’s no lifting over your head. Putting the bikes on and off the rack is very easy. The hitch rack does extend the length of your vehicle, so you do need to be aware of that when parking or backing up.

Trunk Racks 

Trunk racks tend to be popular, largely due to their affordability. However, trunk racks are not a permanent installation, so you have to remove them and reattach them each time you want to take your bikes. Trunk racks may only handle two bikes maximum. If you have a family, this style may not work well for you. Bikes are held by the top tube, so not all bikes work with a trunk rack. You also need to use caution so that the bike pedals don’t damage your car’s paint job. Don’t have a trunk? We have a selection of tailgate pads that fit pickups so your bikes are secure during your trip.

Check The Catalogue For Bike Rack Options

Start by checking out the Thiebert catalogue which has over 10 pages of different bike rack options. There is a large selection of bike racks for all types of vehicles, from cars to pick-ups, RV campers, and more. Consider how many bikes you need to haul. Think about the types of bikes you haul. If the tires are larger, such as on fat bikes, you may need a rack that can handle different shapes. You should also consider the weight of your bikes. Most racks come with a weight limit. Heavier bikes may need a different style rack.Our experts are here to answer your questions about bike racks, utility trailers or horse trailers. We know trailers and accessories. Contact McFarlane Trailer Sales to discuss new trailers or used trailers that fit your needs. Need service on your trailer to get it spring ready? We offer all types of trailer repairs and maintenance to keep your trailer safe on the road.