4 Reasons to Choose McFarlane for Your Trailer Sales and Service Needs

4 Reasons to Choose McFarlanes for Your Trailer Sales and Service Needs

Trailers are handy tools for businesses, rural life, and recreation. When looking for a new or used trailer, you must be careful that the retailer or individual seller is licensed or trustworthy. Shopping for a trailer from an established, trusted trailer sales and service brand is always best.

McFarlane Trailer Sales and Service is a known and respected retailer in Canada. With over a decade in the industry, McFarlane has a sterling reputation with several community supporters in New Hamburg, Ontario.

With McFarlane, you're choosing more than just a trailer - you're selecting quality, reliability, and exceptional service. Read on to discover why McFarlane should be your first choice for all your trailer sales and service needs.

4 Reasons To Choose McFarlane Trailer Sales

Whether you depend on a trailer for work or recreation, purchasing it used or new from a reputable source is crucial. Also, as any trailer owner knows, the hauling vehicles require maintenance and service inspections, so it is best to purchase a trailer from a retailer that can help care for and maintain it.

McFarlane is your one-stop shop for all your trailer needs, including future service. Still, if you are not yet convinced, consider the four reasons to choose us over other retailers.

1. A Trusted Trailer and Service Provider

McFarlane Trailer Sales has a long history in Ontario. The retailer serves the entire tri-city area and boasts an impressive selection of trailers, including:

Also, the company offers custom-made trailers if it doesn't have precisely what you need. In addition to offering quality service, McFarlane believes in giving back and supporting community events.

Some past events the business has supported include:

  • New Hamburg Full Throttle Charity Ride
  • New Hamburg Fall Fair Demo Derby
  • Local Christmas parade
  • A  trailer donation to the Mennonite Relief Sale
  • Stuff-A-Trailer Food Bank Drives (since 2011)
  • New Hamburg Softball (Score Board Trailer)
  • Wilmot Family Resource

2. Quality Trailers for Every Need

Obviously, the one thing McFarlane specializes in is utility trailer sales and service. Utility trailers run the gamut from enclosed or open options, car haulers, equipment trailers, Horse and Livestock trailers and even gooseneck or dump options.

Whatever your hauling needs, McFarlane has the trailer for you. Consider a custom trailer option if you cannot find a ready-made trailer right off the lot..

3. Professional Assistance and Advice

Sometimes, you may know that you need a trailer, but you may not know what type suits your needs best. With the number of trailers available and the size of McFarlane's inventory, no one can blame you for possibly feeling a little overwhelmed.

To help narrow the choices, McFarlane always has a knowledgeable sales team on the floor or ready to pick up the phone. Talk to a representative about your trailer needs or what you want to haul to learn more about the best options.

4. Professional Maintenance Services

Trailers are vehicles with numerous moving parts. All the parts on a trailer require regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and the trailer's life.

While some maintenance is DIY-friendly, some tasks require getting into the nitty-gritty of the unit. If you have a new trailer, it is not worth risking the warranty on a DIY repair. McFarlane offers professional maintenance services to ensure the health and performance of your trailer.

Trailer Sales and Service Near Me

Are you in the market for a new or used trailer? If so, come to McFarlane Trailer Sales and talk to our sales team. The team can help you find the right trailer for your hauling needs, and if that trailer doesn't yet exist, they can help you design and build it. The next time you are in need of a trailer or need your current one serviced, don’t wait to visit us!

Look For These 3 Things Before Buying a Used Trailer

Look For These 3 Things Before Buying a Used Trailer

Buying a Used Trailer: 3 Tips To Ensure It's the Right One

If you are looking for used trailers for sale, you have likely come across many ads and various sellers claiming to sell the best. Searching for a used trailer online is challenging because pictures and even write-ups are often deceiving, so professionals always encourage customers to visit their lots and check out their inventory.On-site visits allow you to assess the trailers, but they also allow you to talk about your options with a knowledgeable salesperson. Using a basic contact us form is not the best way to learn about your financing options or limited-time offerings. Ultimately, when looking for a used trailer, in-person visits to inspect inventories are the only way to go.

3 Things To Consider Before Buying a Used Trailer

As you look around and assess your options, you might feel slightly overwhelmed by the choices. Perhaps the dealer you visit has a decent inventory, and everything is offered at a reasonable price. How do you choose the trailer that best suits your needs? How do you know if it is a quality used trailer or a dud? Professionals recommend reviewing three traits to determine if a trailer is a quality buy and the right purchase for you.1. Trailer FloorPeople often overlook the trailer floor when purchasing used, but it is vital to the integrity of the unit. You want to perform a thorough inspection of the floor. The floor should be stable. If there are wood planks, assess them for rot and dampness. Walk over the bed and inspect the metal components for signs of corrosion or rust.Also, you should take a close look at the kingpin area. You do not want to see any prominent signs of dishing — the presence of large indentations. Dishing can signal previous damage to the front cross members.2. Trailer TiresThe tires must stand up to daily abuse and use. Before buying a used trailer, take a close and thorough look at the tires. You want to ensure they are designed for trailer use. Also, check each tire's pressure to ensure there is no uneven loss.Finally, look to see if there is any obvious damage to the tires. You'll also need to inspect the tread patterns. If there are signs of uneven wear, that can indicate issues with the axles.3. Trailer SizeWhile it seems obvious, know the trailer size you want. Double and triple-check your measurements. People often buy a used trailer thinking it is a great deal, only to realize when they get it home that it is not large enough for their cargo.Additionally, it is wise to drive to the trailer dealer in the towing vehicle. Too many people forget to check that their vehicle is compatible with a used trailer before buying it. Never rush into a purchase. You need to slow down and double-check measurements and connections before paying out.

Look for a Reputable and Respected Dealer

It is common to see used trailers for sale on websites and on the sides of the road. While some of these trailers might be good deals, others are not. Before you spend your hard-earned money, make sure you are spending it on a quality product at a respected and reputable dealer. Contact McFarlane Trailer Sales if you are in the market for a used trailer. The company is well-established and respected. Carrying a variety of new and used trailer options, McFarlane has what you're looking for at affordable prices. Beyond the quality of the inventory, the company also offers financing options to qualifying buyers. If you're ready to buy a new or used trailer, head to McFarlane Trailer Sales.

How McFarlanes Helps Find You the Right Trailer

How McFarlanes Helps Find You the Right Trailer

Why Choose McFarlane Trailer Sales for Your Next Trailer

In recent years, finding an affordable trailer and one to suit your specific needs seemed difficult. The average consumer struggled to find the help they needed from retailers and often abandoned the purchase or postponed buying. Maybe the problem stemmed from seeking help from the wrong business. Searching for new or used trailers for sale can seem overwhelming, but with the proper support and selection, every consumer should find what they need.At McFarlane Trailer Sales, the customer always comes first. As an established trailer deal, the company built a reputation on stellar customer service and a versatile carrier of trailer brands, types, and parts. The company has a large inventory, ensuring customers can always get what they came for. In the rare circumstance in which something is not in stock, the retailer will go above and beyond to satisfy customer needs as fast as possible.

How McFarlane Trailer Sales Can Help You

McFarlane specializes in all things trailers, meaning it is a one-stop shop for all your hitching and hauling needs. The sales representatives are knowledgeable and eager to help you find the right trailer option.

Primary Trailer Choices

Whether you are looking for a trailer to connect to your SUV or Truck, McFarlane is the retailer for you. From goosenecks to conventional trailers, the company has all the best options. You will find a variety of available trailers, but for the new customer, there are a few types to familiarize yourself with.
  • Conventional Trailers: These trailer options typically serve recreational purposes and use a ball-type hitch. Conventional options are best as camper or boat trailers.
  • Utility Trailers: These trailers often get confused with conventional trailers because of the ball-type hitch. However, because these trailers transport cargo and equipment, they are usually smaller with different handling requirements.
  • Gooseneck Trailers: These trailers are larger and designed for heavier loads. The name comes from their tall and long trailer tongues, which connect to pickup beds.
  • Fifth-Wheel Trailers: These trailers are similar to gooseneck options, but the mount and hitch plate are different. The hitch coupling is more like a semi-truck.
McFarlane carries standard trailer types and more. The list of available trailers includes:
  • Dump trailers
  • Cargo trailers
  • Equipment trailers
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Single-axle trailers
  • Tilt-bed trailers
  • Utility trailers
Additionally, McFarlane carries the brands consumers know and trust. Some of the most popular brands the retailer has to include:
  • Frontier Aluminum Trailers
  • Enbeck
  • K-Trail
  • One Sixteen
  • Millroad
  • Pace American
  • Wells Cargo
  • Mission Trailers

Let McFarlane Trailer Sales Guide You Through the Selection Process

Choosing the right trailer for your need can be challenging, especially if you have never purchased one. You may struggle with measurements, weight limits, load restrictions, hitch requirements, etc.McFarlane associates know trailers. They understand how to find the right trailer for your hauling and towing needs and are happy to teach and help you learn the selection process.At McFarlane, customers are crucial to the business. The staff knows that success depends on consumer interactions; therefore, customers should not be afraid to ask questions. Lean on the expertise of the team so that you can be happy and satisfied with your trailer purchase.You will find a large selection of new and used trailers at McFarlane. Rest assured that all used trailers undergo a thorough safety inspection to ensure usability. At McFarlane, customer safety is paramount.McFarlane built a reputation for dependability and customer satisfaction. The company is one of the prime retailers for trailers in Canada. Are you ready to buy a trailer, or are you just looking? In either case, visit McFarlane Trailer Sales to receive quality assistance and gain access to high-quality merchandise. You can't go wrong with McFarlane.

Important Things To Consider Before Buying a Used Utility Trailer

When looking at used trailers for sale, you should thoroughly inspect any potential purchase. While buying used can save money, there's the risk of worn or damaged parts. If you don't get them replaced or repaired, you compromise your safety and that of fellow motorists. A trailer can be dangerous if it becomes unhitched or interferes with your driving, and you don't want to risk harm to you and your passengers.How can you verify the trailer you're looking at is in good condition? The answer is to follow this checklist.

Look at the Suspension

The suspension ensures your trailer performs on the road. If there's something wrong, you'll have trouble steering it. Additionally, a poorly maintained suspension can lead to other issues, such as the alignment being off. Even if you're not in immediate danger, a damaged suspension means a rough ride, which can affect your cargo.To ensure the suspension is in good shape, look for the following:
  • Cracks in the frame
  • Breaks in the spring hangers and leaf springs
  • Damage to electricals

Inspect the Brakes

Trailers need their own brakes to ensure they don't collide with your vehicle when you come to a stop. Since brakes work by friction, they wear down over time and need regular replacement. Make sure you inspect each part of the braking system:
  • Magnets
  • Pads
  • Rotors
  • Drums
  • Shoes
You should also check the brake fluid, which is essential for a quick stop. Check the reservoir to ensure it's filled to the maximum line and examine the fluid to determine if it needs changing. Brake fluid should be clear. If it's brown, it's old or dirty and needs replacing.

Check the Hitch

The hitch connecting the trailer to your truck needs to be in peak condition, or you risk losing both your vehicles. A hitch in poor condition can break under pressure, sending your trailer out of control. Even in the best-cause scenarios, you may lose or damage your cargo.When you check the hitch, you should be able to latch and unlatch it easily. Rust and broken pieces can interfere with this function. If a hitch sticks when you latch or unlatch it, check if it needs oiling or if there's a deeper issue.

Study the Bearings

Bearings are essential to smooth wheel rotation. Broken or worn bearings can suddenly give while you're driving, causing the wheel to stop spinning and wrenching the vehicle out of your control. To ensure the bearings on a trailer are up to par, check the following:
  • No vertical motion
  • No horizontal motion
  • Proper seating
  • Thorough lubrication

Consider the Trailer Floor

The trailer floor needs to support your cargo, so it can't be damaged or rusted. If it fails while you're driving, it can affect the chassis. A damaged chassis can cause problems throughout the trailer, requiring expensive repairs.

Examine the Tires

Tires may be one of the easiest things to replace on a trailer, though high-quality ones are bound to be expensive. Check the tread on the tires, as worn tread is incredibly dangerous. Tread creates friction between the rubber and asphalt, giving you control over a vehicle. If tires are worn to less than two-thirty seconds of an inch, you're in danger of hydroplaning in wet weather and slow braking in any element.Additionally, tires need to have adequate air pressure. Low air pressure makes tires vulnerable to blowouts and decreases road friction.Are you in the market for a used trailer? If so, look no further than McFarlane Trailer Sales. We have a wide selection of high-quality trailers for all your hauling needs. For more information, give us a call. Go online to see our trailers for sale.

The Advantage of Buying a New Trailer at McFarlanes

The Advantage of Buying a New Trailer at McFarlanesWhen it's time to buy a trailer for business or a hobby, you want to get the most for your money since a trailer is a big expense. You may start looking at used trailers for sale since they are often more cost-efficient, but there are numerous reasons to consider buying a new trailer. Here's what you need to know to decide if a new trailer is right for you.

New Trailers Have Warranties

Just like cars, trailers come with warranties so you are not responsible for the cost of repairs if something on the trailer malfunctions prematurely. Unlike used cars, however, used trailers don't transfer their warranties to the new owner. You won't have a warranty on a trailer unless you buy a new one.

New Trailers Are Customizable

When you buy a used trailer, you have to take it as-is. If you buy a new trailer, on the other hand, you have the option to customize it to fit your unique needs. Create a customized trailer to haul all of your equipment for your lawn care company or tailor your trailer to carry all of your camping gear. The options are nearly endless when it comes to trailer customization if you choose to buy new.

New Trailers Last Longer

Because a trailer is a huge expense, you want the one you buy to last for many years. When you buy a used trailer, chances are good that it was used hard by its previous owner. You may only get a couple of years of use out of a used trailer. New trailers will last longer because they have no wear and tear when you take ownership. You can be confident that your investment in a new trailer will last many years.

New Trailers Require Less Maintenance

Used trailers often have a lot of wear and tear from their previous owners. Because of this, you will likely need to perform extra maintenance on trailers that you buy secondhand. If you buy a new trailer, you don't have to put as much maintenance into it to keep it running smoothly. You probably will not have to perform maintenance on a new trailer for at least several years after buying it.

Find a Great Selection of New Trailers at McFarlanes

At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we carry a wide variety of new trailers from brands you know and trust. Each of the trailers on our lot is made with the latest technology and high-quality parts to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Our inventory includes models from the following brands:When you decide to buy a new trailer, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options on the market. At McFarlane's, we have a team of friendly staff members who are ready to help you find the perfect trailer for you. We will take your individual needs into consideration and help you choose the trailer that best meets those needs. We can even help you with customization options and financing if needed. We are committed to helping you find the perfect trailer for you, so you can expect us to guide you through the entire buying process.A new trailer is a great investment whether you need it for business purposes or a hobby. Finding the right new trailer is important, and you can trust the team at McFarlane's to help you find the perfect one. If you think a new trailer is the right option for you, stop by our lot today or contact us today to ask about our inventory and start the trailer-buying process.