McFarlane Trailer Sales: Tandem VS Single Axle

March 17, 2022 by

McFarlane Trailer Sales: Tandem VS Single Axle

How Do I Know if I Need a Single or Tandem Axle Trailer?

Trailers have endless uses. They’re great for packing with canoes and kayaks for a day out on the lake. Or perhaps you need to tow your riding mowers for a landscaping business. Whatever the application, these haulers make getting around easy. Tandem axle utility trailer and single axle utility trailer towing options are both useful. Ask yourself the following questions to decide which trailer design is right for you.

How Can I Tell Them Apart?

A tandem bicycle needs two people to work together to achieve forward motion. A tandem axle unit uses two sets of wheels for movement and stability. The stability provided makes a massive difference in what you can pull. Single axle designs only have one set of wheels, so they cannot handle as heavy a load as a tandem axle.

Tandem axle products are available in flatbed or cargo designs. The cargo element offers an enclosed space to protect the contents, much like a box truck. Enclosed options are less frequent on a single axle model. McFarlane Trailer Sales has many options to fit your unique transportation needs.

Why Would I Need Extra Wheels?

Tandem axle systems have extra wheels for two reasons. First, more wheels equal more even weight distribution. Spreading the weight allows the trailer to carry a much larger quantity. Second, the extra wheels provide stability. These units don’t sway or bounce as much as a single axle product, resulting in a smoother, safer ride. Higher-end tandem haulers often have brakes, making for safer emergency stops.

What Size Do I Need?

Both choices come in various bed sizes. Tandem axle solutions are generally larger than single axle designs. The extra wheels, four in total, allow them to be longer and haul a heavier load. Due to their size, you’ll need a truck to pull a tandem model.

Single axle options are much smaller, and you can tow them using a car or an SUV. Their smaller size makes them easier to handle. Parking and navigating busy streets are much more straightforward with their small stature.

Do I Need To Worry About Clearance?

The height of single and tandem axle selections is comparable. The size will depend on your transport load if clearance is a concern. A large boat will sit higher than a riding lawnmower. That said, a closed cargo design will need more clearance than an open flatbed. Singles axle models also tend to sit a bit lower to the ground.

Which Trailer Is Easier To Maintain?

Due to the larger size, tandem axle trailers are generally more costly to own. More parts mean more to clean, take care of and replace. When the tires need replacing, you’ll need to buy four new tires instead of two. Additionally, the brakes often included in tandem models will need repair and replacement over time.

A tandem axle trailer will be easier to deal with mid-trip than a single axle if you get a flat tire on the road. You’ll likely be able to make it to a service station on a tandem axle. A blown tire on a single axle trailer will stop your trip until you fix it. Due to their small build and fewer features, single axle trailers are more budget-friendly than tandem units. But if you need to transport something heavy or drive long distances, a tandem may save you frustration in the long run.

When shopping for a new trailer, consider your haul load, driving distance and budget. Stop into McFarlane Trailer Sales and speak with our knowledgeable staff if you are still unsure. We have a variety of brands and styles in stock and can help you find the best option for your lifestyle.