The Benefits and Many Uses of a Custom Made Trailer

April 15, 2019 by

The Benefits and Many Uses of a Custom Made Trailer

Utility trailers can be a great investment and there are many reasons to purchase a well-constructed custom-made enclosed trailer. With the right trailer, you can haul whatever you need, whenever you need to, for business or personal reasons. It’s not until you use it for the first time, that you realize just how useful a good trailer can be.

Trailers have a wide variety of functions and serve many needs, but they are most often used for;

Transportation of Boats, ATVs, and Snowmobiles

Weekend warriors love outdoor toys but transporting them to the best lakes, slopes or forests can be a headache if you don’t have the correct equipment. A custom-made enclosed trailer with the right fittings and storage can make your journey so much easier and more convenient.

If you own a vintage car that you regularly need to transport to motor shows, you will also find it convenient to invest in a good enclosed trailer that can keep your prized possession safe on the road.

Landscaping and Lawncare

Every landscaping or lawn care business needs at least one landscaping trailer to make sure the job is done right. Investing in a top quality custom-made enclosed trailer with ramps that you can drive your mowers up, storage boxes, racks and tool hooks can make your landscaping or lawn care company more efficient and allow you to take on more customers. An enclosed trailer is also a great way to protect your tools and equipment, allowing you to simply park your trailer overnight without first storing everything in a shed. And even if you don’t have a landscaping business, you might find it useful to own a trailer that you can use to haul grass cuttings and garden waste away from your property.

Transporting Building Supplies

Anyone working in the construction industry will find a custom-made enclosed trailer extremely useful. You can use it to easily and safely transport tools and supplies from one building site to another. And if you enjoy home DIY, you can use your trailer to pick up all your supplies and save on the delivery costs. You can also use your trailer to haul trash and building debris from the building site to the dump.

Moving Homes or Offices

Utility trailers are useful for transporting furniture and appliances from one property to another. If you are moving to a new house or own numerous furnished rental properties, then you will find plenty of ways to use a custom-made enclosed trailer.

Transporting Livestock

Enclosed trailers are ideal for farmers who need to transport livestock and for horse owners who regularly travel to shows and events. An enclosed trailer can easily be customized with storage for feed and tack.

Turn an Ordinary Trailer into Exactly What You Need

Sometimes finding the ideal trailer can be difficult but at McFarlane’s, we not only sell new and used trailers, but we also customize trailers and build an enclosed trailer that suits your specific needs and requirements. Common customizations include the additions of doors, windows, ramps, generators, air conditioners, living quarters and bathrooms as well as cabinets, storage trunks, lockboxes, and shelving racks – no job is too big or complicated for McFarlane’s.

Give an old trailer new life

Many enclosed trailers, especially those used by landscaping companies and building contractors, work hard every day and take a beating. If you have a trailer that has seen better days, McFarlane’s can help you repair any damage and get your trailer back on the road. We are accustomed to repairing frames, doors, ramps, and roofs and replacing or repairing hitches.

There are many reasons to invest in a custom-made enclosed trailer and McFarlane’s will help you design and customize a trailer that will suit all your business and personal needs and work hard for you for many years.