5 Things To Consider When Buying a Trailer for Your Motorcycle

May 28, 2020 by

5 Things To Consider When Buying a Trailer for Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle trailers are an ideal way to haul your bike. Whether you’re hauling a dirt bike to the next trailhead or taking your cruiser with you on vacation, there are many reasons to use a quality trailer to load up your ride. Here are five important things to consider when shopping for trailers for your motorcycle and where you should go to get the best selection of affordable trailers.

1. Storage Capacity

Not all bikes and trailers are created equal. Just because a trailer is rated for hauling a motorcycle doesn’t mean it can fit your bike. Check the weight of your motorcycle and any extra equipment to see the minimum weight rating required for your trailer. Don’t forget to measure the dimensions of your bike to find a trailer with plenty of room. Ask about the weight rating of the rear ramp. There’s nothing worse than cracking, bending, or damaging a ramp that isn’t rated for your bike’s weight.

2. Towing Limit

Your bike-hauling trailer is also limited by your vehicle. Check the towing limits of your truck, SUV, or other vehicles before you invest in a heavy-duty trailer. Match the towing capacity with the total weight of your bike, gear, and trailer. Don’t push the limits of your vehicle and damage it on your first ride, but select a lightweight option that won’t overload your four-wheeled ride. Aluminum and open trailer designs are great options to reduce the total weight of your trailer to allow for safe towing.

3. Enclosure Type

An enclosed trailer is an ideal option for most bike owners. A complete enclosure protects your bike from water, flying stones, insects, and other debris on the road. Keeping your bike safe in an enclosed trailer is the best way to protect its paint job and ensure a dry bike when you get to your destination. Whether you’re driving in winter or summer, the best protection comes from an enclosed trailer.

There are a few advantages to an open trailer, however. Open options are versatile and can be used to haul other loads easily. They are far more lightweight and affordable than an enclosed trailer, making them a great option for hauling with an SUV and motorcycle transportation on a budget.

4. Manufacturer

There are plenty of manufacturers to choose from when it comes to motorcycle trailers. Compare brand names to find the ideal size, frame style and color. These trailers can come in steel or aluminum framing and have a range of stylish color options.

Aluminum trailers are lightweight, rust-resistant, and convenient for long-term use in high moisture environments. These sturdy trailers can withstand snow, rain and other wet conditions without needing keep-up on the paint job to prevent rust. Steel trailers are reliable and affordable, so they’re a common option from many trailer manufacturers.

5. Accessories

Don’t forget all those accessories that make a trailer your own. Save money on aftermarket accessories by finding a trailer that has the brakes, ramps, lights and tie-down features you need. Don’t settle for a generic trailer, but tailor your investment to match your specific bike and towing vehicle.

Some commonly missed accessories include tie-down points, running lights and a spare tire. These features improve the safety and convenience of your trailer. Whether you’re hauling your bike down the road or across the country, be sure your trailer keeps it safe and secure.

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