Unlock the Benefits of a Utility Trailer with Customization Options

September 11, 2023 by

Unlock the Benefits of a Utility Trailer with Customization Options

Are you looking to buy a landscaping trailer but are uncertain about the type and size you need? A utility trailer is a versatile, lightweight, and durable option for most landscaping endeavours.

Utility trailers come in open or enclosed and single-axle or tandem-axle options. The specific features will depend on the manufacturer and model. McFarlane Trailer Sales carries several popular brands, including Enbeck, Millroad, and One Sixteen.

Some people may not realize the advantages of standard utility trailers, even single-axle options. Utility trailers, regardless of size, are workhorses with many features and customization options, meaning owners can genuinely create the trailer of their dreams.

Buy a Landscaping Trailer and Experience Its Benefits

Utility trailers offer higher weight capacities than standard cargo trailers, making them excellent options as haulers. Landscaping requires the movement or transportation of various materials and tools; therefore, a utility trailer is an effective landscaping trailer.

A typical landscaper may need to transport equipment to a job site. While on the site, they may need to collect debris, such as tree limbs, brush, outdoor furniture, and other items. A large enough utility trailer is capable of transporting equipment and yard debris without meeting weight restrictions.

Finally, utility trailers are excellent landscaping options because they are affordable, lightweight, durable, and customizable. Because the trailers have fewer mechanical elements and materials, the price is lower than beefier trailer models and options.

Still, the trailers can hold up to the regular wear and tear of landscaping projects. Even with the advantages of utility trailers in the landscaping field, some professionals may be hesitant to make a purchase, especially when reviewing only standard features.

Customization Options

You are not stuck with standard trailer features. A custom utility trailer is an option that allows you to take advantage of the features you love while adding features that make your life easier.

The level of customization a customer chooses depends on personal preferences and hauling needs. One customer may want to purchase an enclosed trailer and add LED lighting to the interior, especially if they use the trailer as a workspace. Another customer may need to swap the hitch receivers for something compatible with their tow vehicle. Other common additions to utility trailers include:

  • Fender upgrades
  • Shelving
  • Storage

Personalization Options

When you purchase a landscaping trailer, it will look like every similar model on the market. There is nothing wrong with standard appearances, but most owners want their trailers to showcase purpose or identity.

It is common for trailer owners to personalize their vehicles. You can personalize a trailer by installing custom features for specific jobs, painting it with unique colours, or applying graphics. All of these options are affordable and accessible.

If you are using your trailer for a landscaping business, it is a good idea to apply graphics and paint the trailer brand colours. You can use your trailer as a form of marketing; it acts as a billboard of sorts as you drive around or park at job sites.

Different Uses and Adventures

When considering customization and personalization with trailer parts and accessories, don’t forget a utility trailer is more than a landscaping trailer. Utility trailers are versatile and can fit into your life in numerous ways. Some of the uses for these trailers beyond landscaping include:

  • Construction
  • Camping
  • Moving
  • Hauling

From ATVs to lawnmowers and everything in between, a utility trailer can handle it. Consider a utility trailer for not only your business but also your leisure.

Buy a Landscaping Trailer at McFarlane Trailer Sales

If you are ready to purchase a landscaping trailer, consider the versatility and affordability of a utility trailer. The durable build, enclosed or open design, and single or tandem-axle structure make utility trailers capable haulers. Check out McFarlane Trailer Sales for the latest inventory, and visit the Ontario location to talk to a sales representative.