Unlocking the Full Potential of Enclosed Cargo Trailers at McFarlanes

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Unlocking the Full Potential of Enclosed Cargo Trailers at McFarlanes

Enclosed cargo trailers encompass a spectrum of functionality and versatility. They cater to a multitude of users, from private individuals seeking to transport personal belongings, collectors moving valuable items, small businesses transporting produce or larger corporations relocating heavy machinery.

However, their application extends beyond just the movement of goods. An emerging trend in today’s diverse marketplace, entrepreneurs leverage these products to set up mobile shops, service centers, and even small eateries.

At McFarlane Trailer Sales, we offer a range of enclosed cargo trailer accessories and interior organization products to help you unlock their full potential.

Discover Premium Brands Available at McFarlane’s

In the expansive inventory available you will find industry-leading brands such as Darkhorse Cargo, Pace American, EZ Hauler and Bravo. These represent the epitome of durability, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Darkhorse Cargo Trailers

Darkhorse Cargo is known for high-quality and innovative enclosed cargo trailers. Their trailers are reliable, sturdy and efficient for goods transport.

These trailers are carefully made, combining style and practicality. The design, supported by superior engineering, guarantees a smooth trip for your valuables. With a balance between capacity and maneuverability, Darkhorse Cargo trailers are perfect for both businesses and individuals.

Darkhorse offers a variety of trailers, from compact single-axle models to larger multi-axle ones. Their trailers have rust-resistant bodies, fortified flooring, and state-of-the-art security systems. They also include user-friendly features like dual-action rear doors, low-profile ramps, and advanced suspension technology for a smoother ride

Enclosed cargo trailers have proven their flexibility and versatility in more ways than becoming crucial transportation solutions. One of their notable applications involves hauling All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), snowmobiles, and more.

Easy-to-use features are key in improving these trailers’ usability. For example, dual-action rear doors in enclosed trailers make loading and unloading of vehicles easier. This feature reduces the risk of damage, ensuring your vehicles stay safe.

The introduction of low-profile ramps, on the other hand, ensures easy rolling in and out of vehicles, even those with low ground clearance. This makes it possible to transport a broad array of vehicles hassle-free.

Pace American Trailers

With a reputation for reliability and excellence, Pace American presents a diverse range of enclosed cargo trailers guaranteed to serve a multitude of functions, magnificently crafted and meticulously designed to offer seamless operations and enduring longevity. McFarlane Trailer Sales takes tremendous pride in featuring their exceptional lineup of products that invariably stand as paragons in the industry.

If you need reliable transport for valuable goods, consider Pace American’s enclosed trailers. Their manufacturing process guarantees safe, efficient transit protected against weather, debris, and theft, like having a mobile, robust fortress on the road.

Pace American trailers sport impressive flexibility, providing owners with the ability to convert them into a city-grazing food truck, a mobile goods shop, or even a pop-up exhibition venue. Due to the trailer’s sturdy build and carefully thought-out interior architecture, artisans find them suitable for displaying their crafts or merchandise, while food entrepreneurs appreciate the easy adaptability to house an array of kitchen paraphernalia.

Explore the variety of Pace American trailer sizes and models at McFarlane’s to find one that suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for small, single-axle trailers for personal use or larger, multi-axle trailers for commercial purposes, we have an enclosed cargo trailer ready for any hauling requirement.

EZ Hauler Aluminum Trailers

Check out McFarlane’s EZ Hauler range of enclosed cargo trailers. Making a difference in your logistical endeavours has never been simpler! This line of products is meticulously engineered for sheer durability, incredible capacity, and tremendous performance, stressing both aesthetics and functionality.

The EZ Hauler trailers have an all-aluminum body, making them lightweight and fuel-efficient. With various floor plans and sizes, they can handle different load sizes, thus solving cargo capacity issues.

The trailers’ technical features are remarkable. They have robust channels for excellent structural stability and weatherproof LED lighting for better visibility. The EZ Hauler models offer sturdy barn-style doors for easy access without compromising cargo safety.

Moreover, EZ Hauler offers an array of customizable options to augment the standard features. Torsion axles and electric brakes swiftly respond to your steering, reducing the risk of mishaps, and the addition of a ramp door option to the standard swing door models significantly boosts loading ease. Increased ceiling heights, wall-mounted E-tracks, and recessed floor D-rings are also available to facilitate cargo security and organization.

At McFarlane’s, you will discover not just a trailer, but a seamless extension of your business that will effectively address your transportation needs. EZ Hauler, in tandem with McFarlane’s superior service, stands prepared to transform your idea of moving goods.

Bravo Trailers

Bravo trailers demonstrate unrivalled versatility with a combination of aesthetics, quality, and resilience. Boasting a rich history of producing sturdy and reliable trailers, Bravo caters to an array of users ranging from ordinary civilians to commercial businesses. This brand offers the serious buyer an expansive selection with various dimensions, accommodating diverse cargo sizes and configurations. One cannot talk about Bravo without mentioning its sterling models like the Star Premium enclosed trailer or the Scout enclosed cargo trailer tailored to meet unique transportation needs.

The Star Premium model, Bravo’s top enclosed cargo trailer, features a sturdy steel frame and aluminum skin. Noted for its durability due to its resilient undercarriage, it provides reliable performance even after long-term use. Its striking design turns it from a simple haulage unit into an emblem of style and refinement.

If you’re seeking affordable quality, the Scout model is a great choice. It is an economical option with a durable build and excellent performance.

The cargo trailers, aside from their unique specifications, come with the option of tailoring the interior organization to the customer’s preference. McFarlane works closely with clients to transform the blank space within the trailers into a pre-organized, efficient storage area, employing a variety of products such as E-tracks, hooks, hangers, and cabinets.

In summary, Bravo’s tailor-made, enclosed cargo trailers are far more than an investment—they are an asset that brings value, class, and efficiency to moving and storage endeavours.

The Essential Accessories for Your Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Enhancing your enclosed cargo trailers mainly relies on the accessories you use inside your enclosure. We offer a variety of internal organization options, all designed to optimize space, provide easy access to your items, and simplify your tasks. With the appropriate equipment, your trailer can easily convert from a basic cargo hauler to a mobile workshop, a travelling showroom, or a secure storage center.


An E-Track system tops the list of quintessential accessories for enhancing your trailer’s versatility. Identified by its series of slots running along a metal rail, an E-Track system offers robust and flexible cargo securement – whether your cargo is a large item strapped down or several smaller items tethered by e-track straps. This system enables quick, effortless adjustments to accommodate changing cargo needs.

Hooks and Hangers

Hooks and hangers, when used in conjunction with an E-Track system, can elevate the organizational capability of your cargo trailer. They allow you to suspend equipment, hardware, clothing, and other items off the floor – free up vital space, prevent damage, and maintain easy accessibility. The variety of hooks and hangers implores you to organize according to your specific needs and preferences.

Storage Cabinets 

Incorporating storage cabinets in your trailer can transform the dynamics of your confined space. Using strategically placed cabinets allows for an organized containment of smaller items and tools that might otherwise be lost or misplaced in the vast space of the trailer. There are a variety of cabinet styles and sizes – each guaranteeing an enduring commitment to the organization without compromising on space economy.

Accessories enhance cargo management, improve trailer durability and extend lifespan. Items like tie-down rings and e-track systems secure cargo, preventing damage. Industrial cabinets protect delicate items from shifting.

In conclusion, the expert team at McFarlane’s not only provides a vast assortment of enclosed cargo trailers from top-grade brands such as Pace American, Wells Cargo, and Bravo but also assists you in customizing your trailer to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s an intricate e-track system for streamlined storage, heavy-duty hooks and hangers for secure hanging options, or robust, long-lasting cabinets for orderly placements, your needs will be meticulously catered to.

With McFarlane’s, you can trust that your mobile shop or goods transportation will be efficient, secure, and fully tailored to serve your needs with unparalleled attention to detail. As you embark on your journey towards unlocking your cargo trailer’s full capacity, bear in mind that a perfect fit is not a distant dream, but a tangible reality at McFarlane Trailer Sales.