What is the Best Landscape Trailer For You

Landscape Trailers

Well-designed landscape trailers are always in demand and a trailer that is customized to suit your specific needs will be an asset to your business. You may have to pay top dollar to get what you want but if you choose wisely you won’t regret it and your customized landscape trailer will work hard for you for a long time.

Before you invest in a landscape trailer make a list of everything you need to do with it – big jobs and small ones. Will it primarily be used to transport tools and equipment or to haul gravel, stones and grass cuttings? Is the main focus of your business garden design or are you a lawn maintenance service? The primary function of your trailer will determine what you buy and how you customize your landscape trailer.

Tough and Durable Landscape Trailers

If you specialize in garden design then you know that landscaping trends are constantly changing. As homeowners in drier areas become more water-wise, xeriscaping is becoming more popular.  Many customers now want a garden that is a combination of gravel soils, rock gardens, succulents and cacti intertwined with gravel, stone, or brick pathways rather than thirsty shrubs, flower borders, and lush lawns.

Another popular trend is indoor, outdoor living and this means more gathering areas and structures in the garden. Fire-pits, outdoor kitchens, decks, life-size chess boards, gravel paths, and rock gardens are all the rage and this means you can easily find yourself transporting more stones, bricks, lumber and pavers than flowers and shrubs.

If your landscaping business specializes in hardscaping and outdoor gathering areas, you need a landscape trailer that is tough, durable and won’t break down under the strain of a heavy load. Your average trailer may be well designed and have all the bells and whistles, but it is probably not made to haul heavyweight loads of gravel, stone, and brick. If hardscaping and xeriscaping is your main focus, you need to look for a landscape trailer with features like reinforced rear cross members, stone guards, a galvanized barrier between the floor and sidewall, and a reinforced ramp with a tapered edge. You know it will be suitable for the work and you can still have it customized with space for mowers, racks for weed-eaters and tools, and lockable boxes.

Lawn Service Landscape Trailers

If grass is your game and you own a lawn maintenance service then a 6’ x 10’ tandem-axle side dumping trailer should be part of your trailer fleet. This heavy duty landscape trailer, with removable sides and aluminum tarp kit, is simple to operate, easy to load and has ample capacity for hauling away grass cuttings and garden debris. It is also perfect for transporting gravel, pebbles, and compost to your worksite. A flatbed landscape trailer can be customized with a 5’x8′ hydraulic side dump box on the front and regular usable deck space towards the rear to accommodate gardening essentials like mowers, weed-eaters, rakes, spades, and tools.

Enclosed Landscape Trailers

If garden maintenance is your primary focus and you have invested in good quality tools and equipment you don’t want them ruined by the elements or stolen off your trailer. This makes an enclosed landscape trailer ideal for your business. It will protect your tools and equipment from the environment and secure them from theft. The interior of the trailer can easily be fitted with all the racks and storage you need but you don’t need as many lockable boxes and anti-theft devices because you can simply lock the trailer. Another advantage of an enclosed landscape trailer is that you don’t need to unload tools and equipment after a long day in the garden, you simply park the trailer and walk away.

Choosing the right landscape trailer is a big decision but McFarlane’s can help you find the best solution to all your landscaping needs. If we don’t have a trailer that works for you, we can build one to meet all your requirements.