Why Buy an Enclosed Cargo Trailer for your Snowmobile or ATV

October 9, 2023 by

Why Buy an Enclosed Cargo Trailer for your Snowmobile or ATV

Recreational vehicles add some fun and excitement to life. Snowmobiles allow you to race over white-powdered slopes, and ATVs help you trek through rough, unkempt terrain. The vehicles can bring out the inner explorer and adventurer in everyone. Still, to race, trek, and explore, you must get your vehicle of choice to its destination. You have many options for hauling vehicles, so why buy a cargo trailer?

For the avid adventurer, an enclosed cargo trailer offers things few other trailers can: security, versatility, and adaptability. Hauling has never been easier than with an enclosed cargo trailer from the trusted Canadian retailer McFarlane Trailer Sales.

The Ability To Keep Things Safe

Snowmobiles and ATVs are expensive. When the cost of either vehicle ranges from $3,000 to $15,000 or more, you cannot afford to let anything happen to them. While accidents and damages are always possible on the trails, you can ensure you get the vehicles to and from their destination unharmed.

1. Security and Shelter

An enclosed cargo trailer offers superior protection from criminals and the elements. The trailers come standard with security latches and durable exteriors. Also, the hitch and tow mechanism may have anti-theft features.

Despite being outdoor recreational vehicles, you want to protect your toys from unnecessary harm. The enclosed feature of the cargo trailer means your vehicles stay dry and protected against severe and mild weather conditions.

2. Long Haul Protection

Enclosed cargo trailers make loading and unloading more effortless than ever. Since the equipment is loaded behind a locked and secure door, you do not have to worry about strapping and securing equipment to the bed and body of the trailer.

Still, if you are concerned about things moving around too freely, the trailers can include mounting plates or hooks to secure straps and other tie-downs. You will never feel as confident hauling vehicles as you do with a cargo trailer.

The Feature-Rich Hauling Vehicle

Some snowmobile and ATV owners are uneasy about buying cargo trailers because they are afraid there is a lack of size and customization options; nothing could be further from the truth. Enclosed cargo trailers offer everything you could want, and if they don’t come standard how you want, you can customize features.

1. Size and Style Options

A standard enclosed snowmobile trailer may seem too small for your needs. Thankfully, cargo trailers come in various sizes, including optional heights and lengths. You can also choose from multiple finishing materials and styles to suit your wants and needs.

2. Features and Customization

What do you want your trailer to include? Do you want LED exterior and interior lighting or upgraded security features? Almost anything you want is possible. Talk to a McFarlane Trailer sales representative to learn more.

3. Towing Versatility

The real advantage of enclosed cargo trailers is their towing versatility. The trailers come with several hitch options, meaning they can work with almost any type of towing vehicle. Talk to a sales associate from McFarlane’s to learn more about the hitch options and versatility of these versatile trailers.

Why You Need a Cargo Trailer From McFarlane’s Today

Why buy a cargo trailer for your snowmobile or ATV? The trailer offers security and feature-rich convenience at an affordable price. Enclosed trailers are especially important when hauling valuable items. Visit McFarlane Trailer Sales to review the current inventory and talk to an experienced sales representative. The McFarlane team can help inform your purchasing decision, including customization options, to help get you to the slopes or trails faster. Why wait any longer? Purchase a quality trailer from a renowned, trusted, and local dealer.