Millroad Aluminium Gooseneck Trailer

When looking for a trailer that is of high quality and can be used for many years, the Millroad Aluminium Gooseneck Trailer is the one for you. It is perfect for equipment hauling, and it is also of great help whether you are in construction, agriculture or mining business.

Millroad Aluminium Gooseneck Trailer 101

This Millroad trailer is 25 feet long and weighs 10 tons. It is a tri-axle trailer with 7000 lb. torsion axles. There is also a spare tire which is situated above the gooseneck. The Millroad trailer has a long list of useful features; for example, there is a winch plate in the floor that can help you pull the equipment up. In addition to this, you can also count on an aluminum slide track for winch binders and a fifth wheel neck for towing. What can also be of great help to you is a front mount tray for easier loading binders and chain. Lastly, there are 30’ winch straps at your disposal which are great for holding down the load.

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Built To Be Durable And Reliable

The designers have taken into consideration the needs of the driver, especially when it comes to loading and unloading cargo. That is why the Millroad trailer has LED lighting all around. In addition to this, you can count on Custom Amber Strobe lighting to help you when you need to load up the trailer on the road. Also, there is flood lighting on the back of gooseneck, which is great for night time loading and it is controlled by a toggle junction box. What is also useful is its deep cycle battery and box to run amber strobe safety and flood lighting. You have an aluminum front mount toolbox at your disposal as well, which provides maximum security for its content.

A No-Brainer

If you’re looking to invest in a professional-grade, sturdy and built-to-last trailer, you can now find one on the market very easily. A trailer that is big enough for your needs and one that can be at your disposal for many years, the Millroad Aluminium Gooseneck Trailer represents a combination of quality, efficiency and durability. It is also simple to use since it comes with heavy duty ramps that make loading and unloading much easier. Whether you are a contractor, transportation professional or you simply need a trailer for hauling various types of cargo, the Millroad Aluminium Gooseneck Trailer is definitely the one for you.

Model Mill Road Aluminum Goose Neck Trailer 10 ton – 25 long
Axle Tri-axle with x3 7,000lb Torsion Axles
Accessories LED Lighting all around
Custom Amber Strobe lighting all around (when loading up on the road)
8 HD tie down D-rings
Alum Slide track for winch binders
Front mount tray for load binders and chain
Fifth wheel neck for towing
Flood lighting on back of goose neck for night time loading x2 (controlled by toggle junction box)
30′ inches straps for holding done load
Deep cycle battery and box to run amber strobe safety lighting/flood
Heavy Duty ramps assembly / levels out deck