With a broad range of trailer models for practically every application you can think of, Atlas is a brand that should be taken into account whenever you have a need for safe and economical transportation. As one of the most reliable manufacturers in the world,has a permanent place in McFarlane’s offering and is among the best-selling products on our site almost every month. To become more familiar with Atlas’ practical, weather-resistant and long-lasting trailers, please keep reading.


Atlas Specialty Trailers started from a small town of Elkhart Indiana, but soon outgrew its local market and became a major national supplier of enclosed trailers. Rapid growth came as a result of two key factors – very competitive pricing and availability of many different models. Atlas manufactures utility and cargo trailers, auto haulers, race trailers and motorcycle trailers, and even snowmobile trailers. The aforementioned traits are still synonymous with this brand and represent a big reason for its sustained success on the global level. The company retained its workmanlike attitude which is reflected in the practical and sturdy construction of its trailers, all of which are manufactured in the original plant.


It does not matter what the job is, chances are that Atlas has a competitive product to offer for every situation. Trailers are produced in almost any size that can be commercially deployed, ranging in width from 4 to 8.5 feet; and extending in length from 6 to 40 feet. Many different models are available, and each can be equipped with custom utilities based on its intended purpose. Including electric lights, wall switches, marble floors, roof vents, side doors and lots of others. In practice, that means the customer can get a personalized trailer that fits all of their needs to the letter, eliminating the need for modifications at a later date. High quality is the standard with Atlas. The company is confident enough in the construction of its trailers that it sells them with a 3-year warranty on structural integrity.


The first thing that stands out about Atlas trailers is the exterior look, thanks to high-quality aluminum panels in multiple colors as well as precise finishing. Good looks are just the beginning and more pleasant surprises can be found if you look a little deeper. Basic construction consists of steel frames capable of withstanding heavy loads without suffering any damage. The interior is lined with Dymax elements to protect the cargo and keep the temperature at the desired level. Some models feature barn doors, others arrive with a loading ramp, while racing models have side doors as a standard feature. Payload capacities vary with the size and structure of the trailer, with larger models regularly hauling in excess of 5000 lbs, without endangering the cargo or compromising safety of the towing vehicle.


If you made the decision to purchase or rent one of the Atlas trailers, you should contact McFarlane’s and get a great deal on every single transaction. We are a specialized trailer vendor and have standing agreements with all high-end manufacturers of commercial trailers – including Atlas. We are able to offer better prices than a typical retail shop on a large number of models. Our employees can also provide honest advice regarding the most suitable model, saving customers from overpaying for features they don’t need. With McFarlane’s, you can always count on first-class service and open communication, which is why most of our buyers become long-term customers.