It’s a well-known fact that McFarlane’s can satisfy any requirement, which is why we stock trailers from various brands and provide our customers with multiple options. Naturally, some of our products are better regarded than others, and we have a long-standing policy to take an honest approach when we are discussing this issue. After working in this industry for a long time, we recognize Bravo as the singular manufacturer that consistently outperforms the competition in a wide variety of settings. For customers who refuse to make any compromises when it comes to quality, we recommend Bravo trailers as the most optimal solution.


This brand is based in the United States, but its trailers can be found practically everywhere in the world. The company has a lot of experience on its side, as its founder is a 25-year veteran of the trailer business who brought his lifelong knowledge to his new project and who definitely knows how to make his product unique. His team has been hand-picked from the ranks of most qualified professionals to maximize expertise as well as commitment to the ideal of flawless service, resulting in a unique blend of innovation and tradition. Over the years the company has grown into a global leader in the trailer manufacturing industry, and it continues to raise the bar with its range of commercial models.


Bravo trailers are produced from first-class materials and feature masterful craftsmanship in every detail. Structural stability is guaranteed by sturdy construction that utilizes tube frames and steel backers, making the trailer very reliable on the road. At the same time, protected wiring and roof flashing represent great examples of Bravo’s dedication to getting the little things right. Ramp door reinforcement and wheel box structure improve functionality and durability of the trailer, greatly contributing to its overall performance. All floors and seams are sealed, so the interiors are well protected from the elements and well equipped to localize any accidental spillage. Those features separate Bravo from any other manufacturer and ensure that trailers made by their company will perform above expectations no matter which task they are utilized for.


There are several trailer models marketed by Bravo, each targeted to different groups of customers. Entry-level buyers should mostly aim for Scout trailers since they are cost-efficient and well equipped for the needs of a smaller delivery network. More demanding customers would probably be better served with Star trailers since this is a premium model that comes with advanced features such as sidewall vents, aluminum roofing, and radial tires. Finally, ICON trailers are intended primarily for motorsports purposes and pack a lot of technological advancements in a simple and practical shape with screwless exteriors and rear ramp doors. All models conform to high-quality standards and undergo extensive testing before they are approved for shipping.


You might expect a brand of that stature to be a bit pricey, but Bravo does a great job of balancing cost vs. quality and remains among the most economical options for commercial customers. Its trailers are actually quite affordable when you account for their performance and longevity, and feature by feature comparison to competing models. Since breakdowns and failures are extremely rare, maintenance costs are quite low and customers almost never have to endure losses due to missed deliveries. You can find cheaper trailers on the market, but in the long run, it pays off to spend a little more for Bravo’s certified quality. Warranties range from 3 to 5 years, so there is minimal risk involved with such a decision.