Cam Superline

Producing high-end trailers for commercial use is a difficult job and few companies have the expertise necessary to stay near the top of the class for a long time. From all the trailer brands that McFarlane’s includes in its standard offer, Cam Superline is certainly among the selected few that are well equipped for the challenge of producing the perfect heavy duty trailer. Widely known for large powerful models with professional applications, Cam Superline sets a high standard in a number of areas from technical quality to customization options. If you are not familiar with this amazing trailer brand, here is a short overview that will get you updated.


From its foundation in the early 2000’s, Cam Superline has followed a simple strategy – to produce bigger, better and more advanced trailers. The company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, U.S., but products bearing its logo are a common sight at construction sites all around the country as well as internationally. Cam Superline has a range of advanced options for every application, with an emphasis on commercial models well suited for heavy-duty jobs. The company is able to deliver consistently high performance and its trailers are known to last for a long time, even if they are utilized intensively. This hard-nosed identity represents a major selling point for Cam Superline, which works very hard to justify its position as a leader of the American trailer industry.


Anyone involved in a business where transportation of heavy loads is required, understands the value of a well-made trailer equipped with all the necessary utilities. Cam Superline appeals exactly to that type of customer, producing robust trailers that are nevertheless very easy to operate. It manufactures products in several categories, including: dump trailers, tilt trailers, equipment haulers and deckover trailers, to name just the basic construction types. Some of the products are unique in the market, such as dump inserts for regular pickup trucks or super-wide equipment platforms. While standard models are certainly very good, additional features offered by Cam Superline are totally off the charts and these include: air-powered ramps, ramp extensions, stabilizer legs, gooseneck hitches, pallet carriers, underbody toolboxes and just about everything else you could possibly need.


With eight different product lines and dozens of models to choose from, this brand has a lot of diversity and specialization. Cam Superline trailers are always made with a particular purpose in mind and they have clear advantages over more generic products. Take its tilt trailer product line for example – it includes highly specialized trailers with single axle, tandem axle or even split tilt. This kind of technological sophistication is treasured by professionals who need maximum performance from their trailers and know how to leverage those improvements to do their jobs faster. Cam Superline is very responsive to the feedback coming from the field and has designed its trailers based on actual needs of their future operators. It even offers all models in eight different colors, with paint that’s highly resistant to corrosion or physical damage.