Different customers are looking for different qualities in a trailer, so the leading brands must remain flexible and versatile enough to satisfy expectations. Canada Trailers fits this description to the letter, as its broad range ranks among the most impressive in the industry, while the quality remains at a high level across all categories. In recognition of its past achievements as well as the current strength of its offering, McFarlane’s keeps this brand on the permanent list of favorite trailer brands and recommends it to potential customers on a regular basis. For those who haven’t encountered this name before, here is a summary about Canada Trailers and its globally renowned products.


When an entire country takes pride in a brand, you know that something special is going on. Canada Trailers absolutely dominates in its own home market and heavily emphasizes the country of origin in its international marketing. North American market for trailers is the most robust in the world, so the continued success of Canada Trailers in such a competitive environment is a testament to the quality of its various products. Local flavour can be noticed in model selection and product design, as the trailers produced by this company are typically robust and tailor-made for hard work in difficult conditions. The company is based in Ontario, but maintains active presence in all Canadian provinces through a network of authorized dealers. The brand is also gaining grounds in the international market.


There are dozens of models that Canada Trailers is currently offering, covering practically every type of trailer; from the tiniest utility trailers to huge designs that can easily carry weights up to 24,000 lb. You can find classic enclosed trailers in several variations, practical car haulers and equipment trailers, dump trailers of various capacity including heavy duty models, gooseneck trailers for professional application, as well as gravity split or hydraulic tilt trailers on the full list of Canada Trailers’ products. The company also offers a premium series for customers who expect perfection from their new trailers, with several different capacities at customer’s disposal. Product portfolio is complemented with car dollies and snow plows made with the same advanced technology used to manufacture Canada’s best trailers.


To keep the domestic customers happy, Canada Trailers has to account for low temperatures and intensive snowfall typical for the local climate. The trailers are constructed to withstand off-road duties and near constant precipitation without losing much of their shine. They don’t break down easily thanks to solid construction and high quality of all parts, that last for a very long time before a replacement is needed. That’s important for Canadian and international customers who pick this brand due to its famous durability. These trailers will behave very well in winter time, providing hauling companies that operate in colder climates with a peace of mind no competing brand can match.