A sturdy, durable enclosed trailer is a necessity if you want to haul large cargo. Not only do enclosed trailers help you move heavy cargo like snowmobiles and ATVs with ease, but they also shield your valuable equipment from prying eyes and protect it from the elements during bad weather.

Darkhorse Cargo Trailers are one of the best options available, and McFarlane Trailer Sales is happy to have the DHW Series in our inventory.

We carry both DHW 1500 standard and 2500 upgraded Darkhorse trailers on our lot. Both types come with LED lights, radial tires, and your choice of a ramp or double doors. Made of high-quality steel frame, the Darkhorse Cargo Trailer offers unbeatable value in terms of size and durability.

Benefits of Darkhorse Cargo Trailers

Enclosed trailers are necessary for keeping large equipment safe and secure while travelling. Whether you are hauling a snowmobile for a family vacation or taking a new ATV home to ride around your property, having a trailer with a room is essential for protecting your item from the elements and providing security. One of the biggest benefits of Darkhorse cargo trailers is that they offer 6.5 & 7.5 wide options, one of the first cargo trailer builders to do that.

There are many colour options to choose from and whether you select the 1500 standard trailer or the 2500 upgrade, you can choose to install a ramp or use traditional double doors to secure your belongings.

Each Darkhorse cargo trailer from the DHW series is constructed with high-quality steel and fitted with a ¾” high-performance floor for enhanced durability. With standard widths, 5,6, 6.5, 7, 7.5 or 8.5 these enclosed trailers are the perfect size for most outdoor toys. The height can be made custom so that is tall enough for your specific equipment.


Cargo Trailers Cargo Trailers

Features of Darkhorse Cargo Trailers

The 1500 and 2500 models of DHW Series trailers both have their own standard features such as interior and exterior LED lights. Both styles also feature a textured bedliner and rubberized coating on the rear bumper and front tongue for enhanced durability.

Each style also has specifications that make it more suitable for certain occasions. The standard 1500 model comes with a 36″ RV door. The roof is made out of a single sheet of aluminum, and plastic door holdbacks enhance durability. SA models come with 4-way connectors, while TA models feature 7-way connectors because of brakes.

The 2500 upgrade has all of the features of the standard model.

  • The RV latch side door is nice for convenience
  • LED lights have a lifetime warranty to keep you safe on the road.
  • The lights come with a wall switch.
  • 16” On-Centred floor crossbeams and wall posts enhance durability
  • 3/8 plywood walls, semi-screwless with colour match screws
  • ramp door comes with (4) drings & rear stabilizer jacks.
  • The holdbacks in the 2500 model are made of aluminum rather than plastic, creating a more durable trailer that can haul heavier equipment.

Find the Right Enclosed Trailer

Whether you need to haul ATVs, cargo, or lawn equipment, a durable enclosed trailer is a necessity. McFarlane Trailer Sales is proud to add the Darkhorse Cargo Trailer lineup to our trailer options. Designed with top-of-the-line materials and exquisite craftsmanship, this trailer is ideal for hauling many types of equipment. Contact us today to view the Darkhorse Cargo Trailer and find out if it meets your needs.