This manufacturer enjoys an excellent reputation as one of the most trusted trailer brands in Canada and North America overall. Known for sturdy construction and long service life, Millroad trailers represent a smart choice regardless of your needs. These trailers are definitely among the most interesting products you can find at McFarlane, especially if you are prioritizing cost-effectiveness and safety. Let us introduce you to this well-respected brand with an assortment of facts about Millroad and its unique lineup of trailers.

Millroad is a family-owned company based out of Brucefield, Ontario, and their products are crafted with the utmost attention to detail and dedication to quality. Their trailers are made from first-class aluminum and designed to withstand rugged conditions typical in the Canadian countryside, so it’s safe to bet that a Millroad model will be able to perform well anywhere in the world. The company has been in this business for more than two decades, which gave it enough time to solve technical challenges and engineer very practical and reliable trailers of several types. Already very popular in its home market, Millroad is now on the verge of conquering the global market due to its impressive, best-in-class performance.


The range of trailers manufactured by Millroad is quite broad and covers several categories, each featuring multiple models of variable sizes. You can find landscape and utility trailers, as well as flat decks that can be used to haul large items or vehicles. Tilted trailers or models with a dumping mechanism are very convenient for the construction industry and agriculture, while deckovers and goosenecks are necessary when handling very large cargo. Millroad also has trailers covered with tarp suitable for transportation of more sensitive goods in bad weather. Regardless of the category, a wide range of customizations are available to make the trailer perfectly equipped for its intended application.

If you need evidence about the quality and longevity of Millroad trailers, the fact that every product comes with a five-year warranty speaks volumes. The company is so confident in its products because it knows that the failure rate is very low, even after several years. That’s not a surprise when you consider that only high-quality materials are used for manufacturing, while precise finishing guarantees top performance and minimal maintenance issues. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Millroad has become synonymous with durability and technical reliability, especially when the weather gets cold.


There is no better place to shop for a new Millroad trailer than McFarlane Trailers, where all the latest models can be found at very reasonable prices. As a long-time partner of this prestigious Canadian brand, we know their portfolio and can always advise which product to select for a particular type of use. We’ll help you find the model that’s built to serve exactly the purpose you have in mind