There are just a few trailer manufacturers capable of covering the entire product range effectively, Mission Trailer is certainly among those with the most complete offerings. With more than 70 models of open and enclosed aluminum trailers, this brand is almost always in the conversation about the most suitable trailer for any particular application. McFarlane’s appreciates the unique cost-effectiveness characteristic for this manufacturer, including its products among our featured merchandise. The following analysis will provide you with a short summary of the company and list all the major benefits that can be expected if you pick a trailer made by Mission.


Mission Trailers is a brand fully owned by the Aluminum Company of Maine, representing one of the most diverse product lines in the trailer market. Its facilities are located on the East Coast, but it’s trailers are sold in just about every U.S. state and are available in many foreign countries. The company is famous for its aluminum-made products in various sizes and designs. Their collection of commercial models is unmatched in the market. As a member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers, this brand adheres to high quality and safety standards, while operating in a transparent and ethical way. Its track record is very impressive, new models released by Mission Trailers typically receive a lot of attention as soon as they appear.


This prestigious manufacturer offers a wide variety of high-performance trailers, serving individual and professional customers. In addition to standard cargo trailers, Mission also produces: motorcycle trailers, ATV trailers, car haulers, gooseneck trailers, open or enclosed snowmobile trailers, crossover trailers and even personal watercraft trailers. The smallest trailers can be easily hauled behind a private car; the most imposing goosenecks can exceed the length of 50 ft. Since its mother company is specialized for aluminum processing, Mission constructs all of its products from this material, regardless of the design or trailer type. That certainly contributes to their good looks and longevity, as the trailers remain fully functional even after years of daily travel.


While standard models from Mission Trailers perform above expectations, the company is open to modifying them according to client’s wishes. For starters, length and width of the trailer can be changed at request – a rare option that very few manufacturers can match. Tires and axles can also be upgraded, while additional windows and doors can be added to any side. A range of sophisticated technology and utilities are available to make the trailer even better suited for its intended application, from plywood flooring or charcoal carpets on the walls to LED lighting and amp breaker boxes. Clients who know exactly what they want, appreciate this kind of flexibility, remaining faithful to Mission for many years.


For many customers, Mission Trailers presents the most optimal solution and selection of the exact model and the range of additional equipment. That’s where McFarlane’s can provide some much-needed assistance, making recommendations based on our knowledge of the industry and long standing experience with this manufacturer. In addition to intimate understanding of Mission’s product range, we also have great relationship with them and are able to secure the latest models at fantastic prices. It’s always a good idea to drop us a message if you are interested in any product made by the Mission Trailers brand – we might be able to make an offer that you simply can’t refuse.