As a company that produces both trailers and truck bodies, Moritz has an intricate understanding of cargo transportation and uses this knowledge to improve the performance of its products. This approach has served them well for many years, fueling the rise to the very top of the international trailer market. Recognizing the uncompromising quality that Moritz stands for, McFarlane’s is proud to include this brand into its highly selective offering. Here is a short overview that will allow you to realize all the advantages of this U.S.-based manufacturer:


With a tradition that spans more than 40 years, Moritz is an established name that enjoys undivided respect in the industry. To make it more impressive, this is a family owned business that remains owned by its original founder after all this time. The first plant was opened in the 1970’s in rural Ohio, led by the vision of F. Thomas Moritz who wanted to produce a better trailer than he could find in the market at the time. The first products launched by the company were livestock trailers, from there this unique manufacturer methodically expanded across the country, serving a huge and demanding market. Today Moritz operates in more than 70,000 square feet of manufacturing space and maintains 60 distribution centers in the United States and Canada.


Without a doubt, Moritz is a rare brand that can successfully compete in multiple product categories without giving any grounds to more narrowly specialized suppliers. Keeping with the tradition of producing livestock trailers, Moritz also offers excellent flatbed models, utility trailers, equipment trailers, and dump trailers. All types of trailers are manufactured to a high standard from steel and aluminum, featuring a range of smart innovations including: hydraulic tails, fender toolboxes, and many others. The same expertise was transferred to a completely new area, as the company started manufacturing truck beds for professional use. Just like the trailers, truck bodies are available in several models and can be enhanced with a number of additional features.


As a family brand built on hard work and dedication to quality, Moritz maintains a consistent level of performance for every model they produce. The trailers are robust and resistant to stress, relying on steel construction to absorb shock that comes with off-road duty. Their trailers have a very modern look and make a strong impression when you see them on the road. Taking into consideration the reasonable prices for standard models, it becomes clear why this manufacturer receives so much attention. High-end customers won’t be disappointed either, having access to numerous add-ons that contribute to trailer’s functionality, safety, and comfort. In addition to its commercial achievements, Moritz is a member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers, ensuring all their products conform to all applicable regulations.


If you set your eyes on a Moritz trailer, the only remaining question is how to get exactly the model you want, under the best conditions. This is where McFarlane’s can be your closest ally. Moritz is one of our featured brands and we can always deliver the latest models on a short notice. We have extensive knowledge of their product range and can provide customers with tips how to get the most out of their new equipment trailer or utility trailer. Our pricing and financing options are customer friendly, so you can be 100% sure that McFarlane’s can give you the best deal on Moritz trailers from any series. Call us today and find out how much you can save!