Here at McFarlane’s, we set the bar very high and offer only products from proven manufacturers. When you are dealing with us, you can rest assured that your new trailer will be completely safe to use and feature the latest technological advancements. Every product line offered at our online shop deserves attention since we only work with companies that share our dedication to quality and are capable of meeting our standards. This is why all of our trailers belong to the commercial class and are ready for the challenges of professional use.

Here is everything you need to know in order to select the trailer model that McFarlane can deliver in the shortest possible time:


To keep up with the demand and provide a greater range of options, we have several product lines of commercial-grade trailers that appeal to different customers. While there are differences in price and functionality between the various product lines, all brands we cooperate with are absolutely trustworthy and well established in the market. Some of the most recognizable brand names in our portfolio include Bravo, Canada Trailers, Atlas, Moritz, Time Out, CAM, Millroad, Mission, and MAXUM, among others. This selection was made based on a stringent set of criteria since we have to be absolutely sure that our clients will receive a first-class product. All trailers in our offer are 100% suitable for commercial deployment and customers won’t err no matter which brand they decide to go with. However, in our opinion, one brand stands head and shoulders above the field.


All of our policies are centered on customer satisfaction, and we take our responsibility to deliver perfectly functional trailers very seriously. To this end, McFarlane’s applies a series of quality controls before shipping any unit, while regular inspections are performed on all stocked trailers. This method practically eliminates the possibility that any defective products will be sold, and improves customer experience by a significant margin. Since our service includes delivery to a specified location with a specialized towing vehicle, buying a trailer from McFarlane’s is probably the most convenient way to make such a purchase. Depending on the product line you choose, the length of warranty could vary from one to five years, so this is another factor to consider when choosing your new trailer. In either case, our customers are well protected and can always give us a call to address any possible issue. To sum it up, McFarlane’s is a place where you can shop big brands and still receive the full attention of the vendor both before and after the sale.