When you buy a trailer for professional or personal reasons, it is important to buy one that will meet your requirements now and for the future. While a simple multipurpose trailer might be adequate in the short term it will often not be ideal for your long-term needs and you may have to replace it within a year. With so many different trailers on the market and the option to custom build a trailer, why settle for something that is adequate when you can buy a trailer that is built specifically for your needs. McFarlane’s offers a wide variety of new and used trailers that are purpose-built, including car haulers. Car haulers are ideal when you need to transport recreational vehicles, equipment or cars from one location to another for business or personal reasons.


A car hauler is designed to transport equipment across town or across the country. Whether you are delivering vintage cars to customers, moving heavy machinery or transporting equipment a car hauler will get the job done for you. Typically made with a durable channel frame construction, car haulers are commonly available in a variety of lengths, from 17 ft to 25 ft, and have a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating that ranges from 7000 to 12 000.
Open and enclosed car haulers come in various shapes and sizes and can be used to transport one or more vehicles. Open car trailers are commonly lightweight and durable, having flat decks with double rear axles and ramps or tilt decks for easy loading and unloading and a number of conveniently placed D-rings or recessed floor ties for securing your vehicles during transport. Enclosed car haulers are more expensive but protect your vehicle from the elements and road debris. Enclosed car haulers have double or triple axles depending on the number of cars that they can transport. They commonly have rear and side doors, leaf springs, electric brakes, drymax walls and an aluminum roof but can be customized with as many features as you need. This can include LED lights with chrome bezel’s, anodized front corners, rear loading lights, interior lights, dome lights and lock boxes.


At McFarlane’s, we offer a comprehensive range of different size and strength car haulers with features to suit a wide variety of needs and budgets. We sell open and enclosed trailers with single, double or triple axles with a wide variety of features, including LED strip tail lights, electric brakes, stone guards, radial tires, D-rings for securing your cargo, step plates that are welded to the fenders and a choice of ramps. If we do not have a car hauler that suits your needs, we can have one customized for you and add all the features that you require.


Depending on your budget and preference, you could find some very advanced models of motorcycle trailers on the market right now. Tilt bed trailers are very convenient for motorcycle hauling, since it is possible to lower the rear end and easily push the bike into the trailer or onto the ground. Drop bed trailers provide similar functionality, only in this case the bike is mechanically lifted during loading. Twin axle trailers provide additional stability on the road and are recommended if you intend to travel at highway speeds. Finally, the trailer can be equipped with a range of additional features, from extra locks and security cameras to air-conditioning, customizing it to the users needs.


There are plenty of reasons why McFarlane’s should be your first stop for a car hauler. We stock a wide selection of new and pre-owned car haulers in various shapes and sizes from the top trailer manufactures in Canada and all our trailers come with a warranty. We also offer a comprehensive range of accessories and spare parts, making trailer repairs, maintenance and customization easy and convenient.
At McFarlane’s, we value the trust that our customers place in us and work hard to protect our reputation. Our skilled personnel are always on hand to provide assistance and offer advice, enabling you to make the right trailer choice. As a customer of McFarlane’s, you can count on our ongoing support and we will ensure that your car hauler remains on the road for many years.