When you are considering a purchase of one or more trailers for professional use, you need to identify a model suitable for your planned activities. General solutions are simply not good enough to deliver flawless performance, which is why McFarlane’s offers several distinct trailer categories, including cargo trailers. Those trailers are the best choice when you need to transport large or heavy items from one location to another, especially when transportation is essential to normal functioning of your business

If you are not familiar with classification of trailers, this page will give you a basic overview of the cargo trailer category and help you make a well-informed purchasing decision.


This type of trailer is mostly intended for hauling larger amounts of merchandise, so it needs to be ready to withstand the rigors of the open road while keeping the cargo in exactly the same condition as when it was loaded. This may not be the most sophisticated category of trailers, but it makes up for it with huge available space and excellent safety features. Trailers from this group are typically towed by a vehicle of appropriate size and power. Cargo trailers are used extensively for a wide range of tasks, from short trips within the city to transcontinental transportation, while their size and technical complexity vary depending what kind of payload they will be expected to carry. The smallest cargo trailers measure just 8 feet in length, while the largest stretch for full 20 feet or more and have the capacity of more than lb 5,000. Some of them are fully enclosed and sealed, while others are open on the upper side and allow circulation of air through the cargo space.


While they serve the same purpose, cargo trailers come in many various forms. The differences typically reflect the primary intended use, although trailers can easily be repurposed to serve in a slightly changed role. Flatbed trailers are a common form that’s often used for small-scale operations, like moving furniture to a new apartment. They are small enough to fit into tight spaces and can be attached to a regular car. Long haul trailers are predominantly used for commercial shipments and feature additional wheels that allow them to travel great distances without any risk for their cargo. They must be hauled by large trucks driven by experienced drivers, and require great effort to load and unload.


There are plenty of reasons why McFarlane’s is a go-to shop for cargo trailers. We stock a wide selection of trailers in any size you can imagine, so we have the full range covered. McFarlane’s works only with top-manufacturers from all over the world, so all cargo trailers on our offering are of highest quality and come with a warranty. In addition to the latest models of cargo trailers, we also offer a broad range of accessories and spare parts, greatly simplifying maintenance of the trailer. Continued trust of our customers is the best argument in our favor, and we work very hard to uphold our reputation and leave a strong impression on new customers. Our skilled personnel is always at hand to provide assistance and ensure that your new trailer is serving you well. Once you become a customer of McFarlane’s, you can count on us for as long as your trailer remains in use.