When you buy a trailer for your construction or landscaping business, it is important to buy one that will meet your needs for a long time. A basic, the open multipurpose trailer might be adequate for short term use, but it is often not ideal for your long-term needs. And why settle for something that is adequate when there are so many purpose-built trailers on the market that are designed with a specific job in mind. McFarlane’s offers a wide variety of new and pre-owned purpose-built and customized trailers, including dump trailers. A dump trailer is a reliable and durable workhorse that is constructed to work hard and is popular with construction and landscaping businesses.


A dump trailer is designed to make the transport and dumping of various construction and gardening material or waste quick and easy. Whether you are dumping compost, building rubble, garden waste or sand, a dump trailer will make the job more efficient and convenient. Dump trailers are usually constructed with a heavy-duty channel iron mainframe, wrap around tongue and cross members and a dump box made from channel and tubing. They vary in size from small 5′ x 8′ trailers with a curb weight of 900 lbs to a significantly larger 80’ X 14′ trailer with a 11 000 lb payload. Dump trailers can have single or tandem axles with slipper springs or torsion suspension and mostly come with loading ramps that slide in from the rear of the trailer under the bed. They are commonly galvanised or painted black and can be custom fitted with a variety of extras.

Light duty dump trailers are small and usually have a GVWR of between 8000 and 10 000. Medium duty trailers will typically have a 12 000 GVW rating and are approximately 12 ft long and 82 inches wide while the heavy-duty version will have a 14 000 GVW rating or higher. A popular option for heavy duty trailers includes an 8000 lb axle with 17.5-inch tires and a galvanized heavy-duty floor.


At McFarlane’s, we offer a comprehensive range of different size and strength dump trailers with features to suit a wide variety of needs and budgets, including barn doors, spreaders, telescopic hoists, heavy duty fenders on the outside of the dump box, radial tires, LED lights, triple tongues, dual cylinders, scissor lifts, tread plate fenders, galvanised heavy duty flooring, baring assisted tarps and rollers, electric brakes and lockable aluminum boxes with deep cycle batteries. If we do not have a dump trailer that suits your needs, we can have one customized for you and add all the features you require.


There are plenty of reasons why McFarlane’s should be your first stop for a dump trailer. We stock a wide selection of new and pre-owned dump trailers in various shapes and sizes from the top trailer manufactures in Canada, including Moritz, CAM Superline, K-Trail and Millroad, and all our trailers come with a warranty. We also offer a comprehensive range of accessories and spare parts, making trailer repairs, maintenance and customization easy and convenient.

At McFarlane’s we value the trust that our customers place in us and work hard to protect our reputation. Our skilled personnel are always on hand to provide assistance and offer advice, enabling you to make the right dump trailer choice. As a customer of McFarlane’s, you can count on our ongoing support and we will ensure that your dump trailer remains on the road for many years. Contact McFarlane’s for all your trailer needs.