A fully enclosed trailer has many benefits, as this construction type features a dry, well protected and functional space suitable for carrying goods or passengers. Enclosed trailers have a wide range of applications and are manufactured from a variety of materials in different sizes and shapes. Since the interiors are shielded from the elements and can be locked, this trailer type is suitable for extensive customization and can be improved by adding air-conditioning, wall cabinets, interior panels and a number of other features. Exteriors can also be decorated with company logos and promotional messages, allowing for plenty of free advertising while the trailer is being towed by a car or pickup truck, depending on its dimensions.

McFarlane’s is happy to assist customers with learning about the main advantages and disadvantages of each category of trailer. This brief overview will give you a list of important things to keep in mind when choosing your next enclosed trailer.


There are three construction patterns used in the manufacturing of enclosed trailers. These are flat-nosed, V-nosed and cone-nosed trailers, and each group has different properties that justify its purpose. V-nosed models provide some extra space for cargo or equipment, while the cone-nosed models offer more stability at high speeds and reduce fuel consumption while hauling heavy cargo. Both of those designs are typically more expensive than the standard flat-faced trailers, so the decision might come down to your expectations and budget.


Structural elements of the trailer, such as the frame, side panels, and roof have a crucial impact on trailer’s behaviour on the road. It’s essential that your trailer is constructed with high-quality materials throughout, everywhere from your cross members and wall studs will contribute to the trailers integrity and durability. Aluminum side panels are standard on most trailers, as it is lightweight and sturdy. While some manufacturers will use thin aluminum panels for the sidewall, comprising the security of the trailer, we only deal with companies who provide the highest grade of materials.


Customization of the interior space is one of the most exciting reasons to buy an enclosed trailer. The interior walls are 3/8 Drymax and floors are 3/4 drymax also. Drymax or Rainblocker is a pre-enginnered product that is 100% waterproof. You can further maximize your trailers storage capacity by adding shelves and cabinets, giving you even more versatility. If you intend to use the trailer for work it can be equipped with electricity, outlets, work benches, cabinets, toilets and a number of other amenities that make it work for you. McFarlane’s can assist you with customization of your trailer by installing any of the mentioned features, on any model you choose.


Due to intense, year round demand for high-quality enclosed trailers, McFarlane’s is always well-stocked with a large number of recently released models. Our selection includes only top brands like Atlas, Mission, Bravo, Time Out and Millroad, while trailers are available in several designs and a broad range of dimensions. That’s why you don’t have to worry about quality when you are picking from our exclusive list of enclosed trailers. Stop by McFarlane’s when you’re ready to purchase a new enclosed trailer.