When there is a need for heavy-duty hauling of large equipment or oversized commercial loads, flatbed trailers are a necessity. A flatbed (or low boy in industry slang) is a type of trailer with the main platform positioned very close to the ground, improving its stability under extremely heavy loads that are off balance and require additional means of attachment. Since most customers buy flatbed trailers for commercial use, McFarlane’s selects only the most reliable models to include in its offering. Our flatbeds are robust, reliable and long-lasting, faithfully serving their purpose for many years without the need for major repairs. They are intended to be a little rough around the edges, but their structural integrity and mechanical performance are unmatched.

Depending on your exact requirements and budget constraints, McFarlane’s can recommend one of several flatbed models from our lineup.


Transportation of very large machines presents a wide range of challenges – in many cases, large pieces of equipment which are not secured properly, tend to roll around or tip when transported over long distances. Wheeled equipment is particularly challenging, while numerous utility machines have protruding parts that need to be fixed while in movement. Flatbed trailers are the only type of trailer that allows for safe transit of large machinery, as their low-lying platforms and open construction can fit even the largest pieces of equipment. Some flatbeds are big enough to fit several vehicles or construction cranes, making them essential for countless industries.


Flatbed trailers are often used in the landscaping industry due to their large capacity and simplicity of handling in the field. They come in various sizes and materials like aluminum and steel, and smaller trailers are useful for gardening, construction, weekend warriors and farming; while larger platforms are very practical for large-scale landscaping projects. Those trailers utilize both single-axle or tandem-axles design, and have side walls made of metal to keep cargo in its place while it’s being transported. Other additions frequently found on landscaping flatbeds include tool boxes and rear ramps. At McFarlane’s, you can customize your trailer to suit your every need. With a high-end flatbed trailer equipped with all the necessary improvements, you will be ready to take on even the most challenging landscaping tasks with full confidence.


We understand that flatbed trailers are serious tools that will be expected to withstand heavy-duty use for a long time without suffering breakdowns. In search for quality products, McFarlane’s turned to renowned global manufacturers like Canada Trailer, Moritz, K-trail, Mission, Millroad and CamSuperline, to offer our customers unrivaled quality. The largest of the offered models are suitable for carrying even the heaviest construction equipment, while smaller ones can be used by homeowners or small companies for various tasks. You won’t have to spend a fortune on your new flatbed trailer when you are shopping at McFarlane’s – we are well-known for customer-friendly pricing and favourable financing options. With our help, you can get a brand name trailer at a fair price, even after extensive customization from our expert team of technicians.