Motorcycle owners are fully aware of the need to safely transport their bikes when being towed by either a car or pick-up truck. It’s perfectly reasonable to travel to a vacation spot in a vehicle and jump on your bike once you arrive, so getting a reliable and affordable motorcycle trailer for this situation is a necessity. There are numerous types of cargo trailers suitable for this role, but their performance and price varies depending on the manufacturer and model.

McFarlane’s has decades of experience in the trailer industry, providing our customers with some much needed guidance when it comes to motorcycle trailers.


Fully enclosed trailers are often used for transporting motorcycles, as they offer additional security and protection from the weather. It’s much more difficult to steal a bike when it’s locked inside a fully enclosed trailer, allowing the owner to spend a night in a roadside motel without having to stand watch over the parking lot. This type of trailer is well-suited for extensive customization, so it’s possible to install shelves, tie downs, toolboxes and other amenities that every motorcycle enthusiast should have with them. Typically made of aluminum or steel, enclosed trailers are durable and could last just as long as the motorcycle they are intended to carry, more than justifying the investment necessary to acquire and customize them.


The main advantage of open design motorcycle trailers is the price. Since it takes far less material and labour to construct them, they cost significantly less than similarly sized enclosed models. These trailers usually employ single axle design and have a flatbed profile, so they are slightly more convenient for loading and unloading the vehicle. They are easy to handle and don’t require too much maintenance, which is particularly valuable for owners of small bikes who don’t want to overspend on a trailer. Naturally, open trailers are more popular in areas with less annual precipitation and higher than average temperatures, since protection from the elements is less essential in dry and mild climates.


Depending on your budget and preference, you could find some very advanced models of motorcycle trailers on the market right now. Tilt bed trailers are very convenient for motorcycle hauling, since it is possible to lower the rear end and easily push the bike into the trailer or onto the ground. Drop bed trailers provide similar functionality, only in this case the bike is mechanically lifted during loading. Twin axle trailers provide additional stability on the road and are recommended if you intend to travel at highway speeds. Finally, the trailer can be equipped with a range of additional features, from extra locks and security cameras to air-conditioning, customizing it to the users needs.


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