Towing a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle to your favourite trails up north requires the perfect trailer for the job. Every snowmobile owner needs a dedicated trailer in order to get the most use out of their sled in the winter months. Considering how demanding and responsible job they perform, snowmobile trailers are valuable pieces of equipment and need to be chosen with a focus on details. Getting the right trailer is the best way to protect your investment in the snowmobile and ensure that it always arrives in perfect condition.

Since McFarlane’s has extensive experience with snowmobile and ATV trailers, we are glad to assist our customer by providing guidelines for choosing the most appropriate model. The following factors need to be reflected upon when you are comparing different models.


Snowmobile trailers can be either open or fully enclosed, with each type offering their own advantages. Open trailers are usually more affordable, they are also easier to load and allow a direct view of the sled while being towed. Enclosed trailers are better at protecting the cargo from the elements, which is an important factor considering that snowmobile trailers are used during winter. With an enclosed trailer, it’s also practical to add a tilted ramp to make loading and unloading of the snowmobile easier for a single person.


Trailers made of steel are usually cheaper, but have several downsides that make them poorly suited for snowmobile towing. They are much heavier than aluminum trailers, and they are more prone to rusting when not properly cared for. Aluminum trailers offer much better ratio of price versus performance, and they require less maintenance over the years, not to mention they also look better on the road. It is highly recommended to choose a model made of aluminum since it will cost less to tow and maintain.


There is a fine balance between the need to keep the trailer light and the craving for extra cargo space. Finding a happy compromise between each is possible, but you need to make an honest assessment of your priorities. Larger trailers can be used to carry multiple sleds at the same time but can be trickier to maneuver and require a more powerful towing vehicle. The decision hinges on individual needs and the towing capacity of your current vehicle, but it’s important to ensure that the additional weight of the trailer, passengers and cargo doesn’t push you over the weight rating for the vehicle. If you hitch too heavily, you might experience problems with your brakes, transmission and suspension systems.


Getting the right snowmobile trailer is an important decision, and that’s why it’s best to leave this job to professionals. McFarlane’s has been in the trailer business for years and we have the information about every manufacturer, offering only the highest quality trailers to our customers. For enclosed trailers, we recommend Mission and Bravo brands as their expertise in this category is unmatched. While customers looking for an open snowmobile trailer would be well suited with a model from Millroad. No matter which brand and which trailer model you go with, McFarlane’s will give you a fair price that no other retailer can match.