It takes the right trailer to do the job well, but some jobs require more sophisticated and powerful trailers than others. Tilt bed trailers, in particular, are required for numerous tasks that involve transportation of raw materials, heavy equipment or any load that would be difficult to move by hand. This type of trailer is usually an open deck model with a mechanism that slants the floor down so the cargo can be unloaded faster and easier. As such, tilt bed trailers are very useful in a large number of industries, from construction and manufacturing to agriculture or landscaping.

McFarlane’s always advises its customers to prioritize quality, so our offering of tilt bed trailers includes only highly rated models produced by top-tier manufacturers. Some models are more suitable for certain applications than others, so it is a good decision to gather information before choosing the trailer. Here is a brief overview of this trailer category.


While all tilt decks share the ability to change the angle of the platform, they can differ considerably in many other features. Full tilt trailers are the most common model, and they are distinctive by the fact that the entire platform is moving at once. In contrast, industrial tilt trailers usually include a fixed platform at the front end in addition to a slanting portion of the floor, making them suitable for safe loading and unloading of heavy machinery or vehicles. Multi-platform trailers bring many advantages over traditional trailer construction and grants operators much greater freedom. These trailers can be easily converted from a low deck to high platform trailer, increasing its practicality. Selection of the most optimal trailer should be made based on all relevant factors, from its desired purpose to cost considerations.


Mechanical construction of the trailer varies from one model to the next, but the functional value of tilt bed trailers remains very high across all products. Some tilt bed trailers are made of steel while others use aluminum for the basic frame and the main platform – aluminum trailers are lighter and have a distinct visual look. Most trailers, steel or aluminum, have a platform that is covered with wooden flooring, while some models also contain a lockable toolbox. They typically don’t use back side ramps or metal sides in the basic design, but those and other advanced features can be added at your request. Tilt bed trailers are manufactured in different sizes, we carry trailers that are wide and long, allowing you to use it for almost every project.


Deciding which trailer model is best suited to your needs is just half of the job – you also have to decide where to buy it. As an established retail brand specialized for sales of new and used trailers, McFarlane’s is the leading choice for new and used trailers at affordable prices. We collaborate only with widely respected global manufacturers, and our offering includes tilt deck trailers from Cam Superline and Canada Trailer. By offering favourable deals on high-end trailers, we help our customers get the most for their money and receive a product they can trust in the field. Be sure to check out our selection of tilt bed trailers and feel free to inquire about any modifications available for a trailer that suits your every need.