A broad category that includes several distinct design styles and a wide variety of models, utility trailers are in high demand due to their practicality and versatility. They can be used in a variety of roles, from simple transportation of goods to promotional events, large construction projects or even a DIY project at home. The versatility of a cargo trailer goes even further as they can be hauled by a passenger vehicle or a small truck. A combination of convenience and towing capacity characterizes this class, which goes to explain why they are employed in numerous different industries and by the weekend warriors. That is why millions of units are sold every year. Some of the features commonly found in utility trailers include a floating axle, a back bumper, trailer brakes, and heavy duty suspensions.

At McFarlane’s, we have a huge offer of utility trailers from top global manufacturers and are always happy to assist our customers with choosing the most absolute best model for personal or professional use. With our assistance, you can identify the trailer that matches your requirements and doesn’t exceed your budget. Here are some of the options at your disposal.


Utility trailers are made within a wide variety of designs, some of which utilize open construction model while others are fully enclosed. Open trailers are more suitable for hauling goods that don’t require special protection such as raw materials or bulky items that would be difficult to fit into a fully enclosed trailer. A big advantage of open trailers is the price – they require less material and labour to produce and are proportionally cheaper in regard to their capacity. Meanwhile, enclosed trailers offer much better protect against the elements and can be locked in order to deter theft. They are at their best when transporting a cargo that could be negatively affected by adverse weather, and are preferred by companies engaged in year-round operations, or homeowners who want to use them for backyard projects. Both types are produced in various sizes and can be subjected to a range of modifications to meet their intended purpose.


Not every project is the same and oftentimes a trailer with custom specifications is needed. McFarlane’s is well stocked with sports utility and specialty trailers, ready to be put to work in a number of situations. Sports utility trailers are typically of the enclosed type. Their aluminium construction is lightweight and sturdy. These trailers can also include a rubber roof and Plexiglas walls, along with a range of improvements aimed at increased convenience. Extensive customization is possible for this class of trailers, so it’s possible to turn a trailer into a mobile office or home.


McFarlane’s is a dedicated to offering only high-end trailers that can be trusted for safety and mechanical reliability. Thanks to our long-standing collaboration with a number of global brands like Canada Trailer and Mill Road, we have a large selection of top-quality utility trailers available to buy or rent. Our customers can make their choice among the latest models of single axle or tandem axle trailers made of steel or aluminum, requesting additional equipment according to their needs and financial possibilities. McFarlane’s can also arrange for the delivery of your trailer, if needed. Buying from us is a smart choice since we have great deals on a large number of high quality utility trailers.